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Revelation: Cage's Wreckers Book 2

by E.M. Garcia on 2019-01-30

Book 2 in the Cage's Wreckers Saga is a slow burn reverse harem series which follows Tam Cage, an intergalactic ambassador, and the Wreckers, an inter-species military strike team, in their race to preserve an AI trapped in her brain.

Generation: Cages Wreckers Book 1

by E.M. Garcia on 2018-11-17

They saved us. Can I save them?

I'm no hero, but I know how to keep one's seat warm. Ten years ago, my brother saved the galaxy. Now I'm wasting my life as a glorified spokesperson on the ship he left behind.

A sudden act of heroics put me onto the galactic stage in a big way, but the recognition I thought I wanted comes with I price I can't stand to pay.

I'll even organize an interstellar road trip to keep from paying it. Just my crew and the Wreckers. His team in the ship they used to save us.

It was supposed to be our goodbye; one last hurrah. If only things were that simple. 

Four broken men.

One ship. 

A race to secure the future. 

I am way above my pay grade.