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The Lost Queen (The True Immortals Series Book 3)

by E.M. Jaye on 2018-11-29

She was born to be a Queen, but raised in squalor…

Eleanor Sette is struggling to find her place in the world now that she has been claimed by a warrior King. After a life of hardship and abuse, she must now learn to lead an army.

If she fails, more than just her life will be on the line. The entire galaxy will fall. She feels overwhelmed by the daunting tasks before. How can she be a Queen when all she feels is lost?

He was born to be her mate, but has lived without her….

Danion Belator of Old, the High Warrior King is the strongest being known in the galaxy and yet he feels weak. His mate is struggling in her new life, unable to find purchase.

After yet another devastating turn of events, Eleanor’s life is threatened once more. He refuses to lose his mate, he will do whatever it takes to save her.

Even win a war against an unbeatable enemy.

*** This book is the third in a series, meant to be read in order.

The Hidden Queen (The True Immortals Book 2)

by E.M. Jaye on 2018-06-26

She was Claimed to be his Queen…

Eleanor never thought that her life would be anything more than the poverty she grew up in. But fate has other ideas. On her twentieth birthday Eleanor reported to the Claiming Ceremony. All women are required to enter, she never knew that she would be claimed.

Now she is more than just a mate to an alien warrior, she is a mate to the alien warrior. Danion Belator of Old, King of the alien race that saved humans from extinction is now her mate. She fears she has traded one master for another, until Danion transforms her.

She never knew she had strength within her, but Danion knows she does and will not rest until he awakens it. He brings out the fire hidden within. Where once she was meek, she is assertive. Where was she was afraid, she is brave. Where once she was alone, she now is mated.  

He has found his Queen…

Danion waited twenty years to claim his mate, and when she was finally within his grasp his enemies attempted to kill her. He swore bloody revenge against them.

But their assassination attempt uncovers hidden secrets about his young mate. Things that defy all reason, and that could very well mean the death of the galaxy.

With war upon them, Danion and Eleanor must fight for not just their lives, but all life in the galaxy. Danion needs Eleanor’s help to win this war, but his mate is unaware of her own strength. No worries, he will help her discover the Queen hidden inside her.

**This is book two in The True Immortals Series and it is recommended to read book one first for full enjoyment

The Claimed Queen (The True Immortals Series Book 1)

by E.M. Jaye on 2018-04-21

She is a women who never knew love…
Over a hundred years ago, two billion humans lost their lives to the Erains in the Purge War. If not for the Gelder’s all of us would have been wiped out. All we had to do was allow our women to be claimed every year. A small price to pay to avoid extinction.
But for twenty years, none of us have been claimed.
I was born twenty years ago, on Claiming day. Now I find myself going through my first Claiming as I have come of age today. I can’t shake the feeling that something is going to happen. Something life changing.
He was a warrior who never knew gentleness…
For twenty years, Danion the Warrior King has waited for his mate to be of age so he could claim her. For twenty years he has fought the matebond madness. For twenty years he has waited. He is don’t waiting now.
He will claim his mate. He will make her his. He will claim his Queen.
Join Eleanor and Danion on their quest to save the galaxy, defeat a foe, and find love. Their path is fraught with danger, if they can survive the war they just might save each other.

**Intended for 18+ due to sexual content
Disclaimer: This is the first book in a series, ends on a cliffhanger.