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Love, Immortal (Alchemy Book 2)

by Eden Ashley on 2018-04-01

The Alchemy Initiative—a doomed scientist’s failed attempt to harvest human souls from the afterlife and bind them to complex machines—has been reinitiated. But it doesn’t take long to discover why the program responsible for making Ethan Remington the ultimate weapon was shut down when the spirit of the highly unstable and murderous Agent Drekker goes rogue, embarking on a sinister rampage in an attempt to claim the ultimate prize. That prize is Ethan—everything that Ethan has and everyone who he loves. No one is safe, especially young Hogan who has begun to display some frightening and incredible abilities. To stop this insatiable evil, Ethan may have to forfeit his humanity…and even his soul.


by Eden Ashley on 2017-10-15

Max Masters was born into a post-Incident world. 

Years ago, a beast decimated the population of the Americas and the resulting carnage was enough to weaken the very barriers separating Earth from other, far more dangerous worlds--and the monsters that roam within them. As a paranormal marshal struggling with her own less-than-human identity, Max is responsible for hunting down the most dangerous of supernatural creatures, working side-by-side with government operatives who specialize in keeping the human population safe. One of those operatives happens to be a six-foot-five, bullheaded but charming ex-boyfriend who won't accept no for an answer--especially when it comes to Max.

After an abnormal energy spike indicates that a being of exponential power has migrated through a barrier, people across Max's territory suddenly began dying or disappearing. But when a particularly gruesome murder hits too close to home, Max is forced into the fight of her life.

*Contains Mature Content*