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Orange Blossom Special (The Covenant of the Rainbow Book 2)

by Elana Brooks on 2018-04-17

Psychics battle aliens to save Earth—and love is the ultimate weapon.
Since he was a child, Steve has been seeing terrifying visions of aliens arriving on Earth.  For many years he dismissed them as nightmares, even choosing a career in paranormal research in order to prove that psychic powers didn’t exist.  Then the Covenant of the Rainbow found him and showed him irrefutable evidence that mental powers were real and his visions gave vital insight into the crisis they've been anticipating for centuries.  Now he's a member of the Eight, one of the Covenant's leaders.
Rosalia's grandmother taught her to accept and value her psychic gifts.  She dreams of a day when powers like hers will be acknowledged and valued by all.  That's why she volunteered to participate in a study designed to expose her skills as fakery.  Her humiliation at failing to rub the haughty researcher's nose in the truth was only sharpened by their sizzling chemistry.  When he contacted her years later, apologized for subconsciously blocking her ability, and asked her to join the Covenant of the Rainbow, she couldn't turn down an opportunity to work toward her dream, even if it meant having to deal with Steve on a regular basis.
Then the Covenant's first contact with the aliens reveals a devastating fact: Steve's visions are false, implanted by the aliens to feed disinformation to their enemies.  Their plans in chaos, the Covenant scrambles to rally the people of Earth and improvise a defense before the colony ship arrives, years sooner than they expected it. A chance discovery offers hope: when Steve and Rosalia are in telepathic contact, their combined powers allow them to receive accurate visions of their enemies’ future actions. If they choose, the love that’s simmered between them for years could create a soul bond that would make their united gifts far stronger. But such bonds can kill if love falters. And always in the past, the passion that drew them together soon erupted into anger that drove them apart.
Unless Steve and Rosalia can find a way to resolve the conflicts that separate them and join in a bond as enduring as it is fiery, humanity is doomed. Only their visions can buy the Covenant the time it needs to defeat the invading aliens, who intend to terraform Earth into a hospitable environment for their aquatic species with a flood that will wipe out civilization and kill millions.

Red Sky in the Morning (The Covenant of the Rainbow Book 1)

by Elana Brooks on 2017-10-03

Psychics battle aliens for the future of Earth—and love will determine the victor.

Adrian Marshall is a recruiter for the Covenant of the Rainbow, a millennia-old secret society dedicated to defending Earth against hostile aliens. He runs covert screening sessions, seeking people with psychic abilities. They’ll be trained to use their gifts of telepathy, telekinesis, and astral projection to repel the coming invasion. Though his own gifts are modest, he’s deeply committed to the Covenant’s cause and determined to contribute to the best of his ability.

Life has taught Beverly Jones not to believe in anything she can’t see, or to depend on anyone besides herself. When a simple exercise class takes a bizarre turn and the handsome instructor tells her she’s the most powerful psychic he’s ever discovered, she knows it’s only a dream. Why should she heed his warnings when the danger isn’t real? But when she recklessly courts death, the dream becomes a nightmare. To save her life and Earth’s best hope of salvation, Adrian links their souls in a bond breakable only by death.

Trapped in a union neither of them wanted, Adrain and Beverly cautiously get acquainted. Despite their profound differences, growing attraction draws them together. If they can learn to love and trust each other, the soul bond can make both of them far more powerful than either alone. If not, it might kill them.

As the alien ship approaches, Adrian and Beverly struggle to overcome the fears and prejudices that keep them apart. Only by uniting hearts and bodies as well as souls can they hope to survive and save Earth from destruction.

Red Sky in the Morning is the first book in THE COVENANT OF THE RAINBOW, a seven-book series featuring a diverse array of protagonists. It contains adult content and is intended for readers 18 and older.