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Luuk (Romancing the Galaxy Book 1)

by Elexia Stargaze on 2017-06-30

Mara Coutau has vowed to not be taken by aliens as she struggles to survive the remnants of Earth after an alien attack. But the thing she most dreads happens, and she’s whisked away to a spaceship and confronted by an alien with glowing green eyes—an alien who claims her as his mate. She’s not about to succumb to Luuk, and falling for him is out of the question. Remaining aloof has proven to be difficult, though, as Luuk has found a way to weaken her resolve.

Luuk has been given permission to take a mate and is determined to claim the Earthling, Mara, for himself. But when simply claiming Mara as his mate doesn’t bring her any closer to his bed, Luuk will do whatever is necessary to change their sleeping arrangements. If only Luuk didn’t harbor a secret, one that could tear them apart if he’s not careful.

But soon the star-crossed would-be lovers realize they share a common enemy, one that must be defeated before they can even think about the future.

Not intended for anyone under the age of 18 due to adult content and sexual situations, also includes violence and space worms.