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Finding Zane (Dreamscapes Book 2)

by Eliza Tilton on 2019-02-04

AI Robot meets Mannequin in this Science Fiction Romance where magic and science blend together into a dangerous tale.

Meredith Haggon has worked at the Toy Emporium since she was little and never once did she believe in magic or fairytales.

Until the day she does.

When an unmarked container shows up at the store, Meredith assumes it's this year's latest craze. Instead, she finds a human sized doll that resembles every anime lover's dream: spiky black hair, big blue eyes, and looks way too human to be fake. 

But dolls can't talk and they most certainly can't kiss like a god. Except this one can, and as Meredith falls hard for Zane, he begs her to help find the company that made him.

He swears he's real and only she can discover the truth.

Meredith has to take a chance and believe in magic, science or whatever she can, because someone is after Zane, and they'll kill everyone, to get to him.