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Arriving Soon


Emerald Earth (Solar Flare 3)

by Elizabeth Jewell on 2018-08-31

Twenty-five years after its disappearance, the long-haul freighter Lightning Girl returns to Earth with only two passengers left alive. Ash and Trev were lovers when catastrophe befell the freighter, but after twenty-five years of solitude and starvation, things may never be the same between them again.

Solar Flare (Solar Flare 1)

by Elizabeth Jewell on 2018-08-10

It's the one place in the universe where a vampire can bask in full sunlight without danger of death -- a red star, deep in open space. Kristof's newly purchased ship will take vampires there, to experience the novelty of constant day. But he himself is afraid to take that last step into the light. Until Tomas arrives to show him just how arousing the sun can be.