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Population (interracial post apocalyptic scifi romance)

by Elizabeth Stephens on 2019-03-16

*Set in a post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest, Population is a SciFi thriller and romantic suspense mashup with a strong black female lead alongside a dark, possessive Alpha. This full-length novel contains steamy sex and some violent elements and finds its HEA in book #2, Saltlands.*

Lawlessness, violence and desperation are all that is left of the world following the coming of the Others. Abel exists only within the boundaries that her rules allow - rules that she created to keep her alive. But when her best friend's daughter is taken by the Others, she can't keep playing by the rule book. Instead, she must begin a life defining journey that will test her survival techniques and bring all of her instincts into question.

When she finds herself allied with one of the Others, Abel must confront foreign concepts like allegiance and desire and trust as he challenges her ability to find what she has always feared: hope.

*Continue reading for a sneak peak*

“Hello?” A low voice says, and I feel my heartbeat succumb to shock as I recognize the intonation. Slightly carnivorous, fully condescending, and masked by the thinnest veneer of pain. This can’t be happening. But when the doorknob jiggles, I know that I’m not dreaming. I jump, more skittish now than ever -- and with reason. I mean, it’s not often that I’m greeted in the night by the gentle rapping of a dead man against my door.

When I don’t answer, the wooden barrier keeping him out presses against the back of the chair I've got braced there, which gives just a few inches. “Don’t you dare,” I say, trying to keep my voice even as the wall and door split to reveal a three inch sliver of darkness. In that darkness I can just barely see him there, face concealed by shadows and charcoal-colored silhouette standing much taller than the average human.

He stops twisting the handle. I can’t see his eyes but I get the impression that he’s looking directly at me, which rattles me even more. How the hell can this guy see in the dark? But I’m sure that he can and that he’s looking right at me because his shadow moves, ducking lower as if attempting to meet the line of my gaze. And I understand what he’s doing, I really do. He’s provoking me. Well, either that or belittling me. Maybe both.

“I see you,” he simpers sardonically. His words have a strange way of reaching me, as if they are tangible and inching towards me across the floorboards. I shiver all over. “And you have something that is mine.”