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Escaped (A League Novel Book 3)

by Elizabeth Craven on 2018-11-19

An escaped slave.
An accidental savior.
An interstellar chase.
Two worlds on the brink of war.

When Ellipse escapes her life as a slave, she accidentally wreaks havoc upon Bastian Dhakir's ship, family relationships, and life. For his part, Bastian still isn't sure how he wound up owning a slave, but he isn't about to explain himself to his powerful - and enraged - family. To complicate matters, Ellipse's original owner wants her back, and he is willing to risk war to retrieve her.

Immersed (A League Novel, Book 2)

by Elizabeth Craven on 2017-12-19

One would think being sister-in-law to a planetary sovereign would be an advantage. It isn't. Ilexa Dhakir hopes volunteering for a medical exchange program will allow her to use her healing gifts freely. Instead, she finds herself under the watchful eye of her brother's oldest friend, Thane Msaka. The handsome warrior no longer resembles the straight-laced soldier she's known most of her life, but his rampant effect on her libido hasn't changed. Having surrendered his military commission and returned to traditional tribal life, Thane's irritation with babysitting duty goes further than trying to protect Ilexa from the havoc she wreaks. He wants her with a ferocity he can't explain, even though he knows he shouldn't. When it becomes clear some tribe members will do anything to get rid of her, Thane has to battle people of his blood to protect the woman of his heart. Warning: Contains adult language, sexual content and a stubborn, smart-mouthed heroine. As always, reading anything by Liz Craven may be hazardous to your sanity. (This novel is a re-release.)

Prophesied (A League Novel Book 1)

by Elizabeth Craven on 2017-11-16

(This novel is re-released.)

On the day of her birth, Lia fulfilled a prophecy that ended a 5,000-year war, and became a wife. But being the fulfillment of a sacred prophecy makes for a stifling childhood—not to mention a dangerous one. When an assassination attempt goes wrong, Lia takes the opportunity and runs from her destiny—as well as from her absent husband.

Talon isn’t sure what to expect when he rescues his bride from a mining colony on a barren moon. What he doesn’t anticipate is her lack of gratitude and her repeated escape attempts. Determined to convince his wife to accept her duties, Talon knows he also needs to keep her safe, even if he has to lock her up in his own quarters to do it.

As they get closer to their planet and Lia’s coronation, the danger around them increases, and so does the tension between them. For their growing attraction to turn into something more, they need to stay alive and learn to trust each other—a tall order when Lia’s experience in life has taught her that trusting people can get you killed.