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Arriving Soon


Lightning Girl (Solar Flare 4)

by Elizabeth Jewell on 2018-09-14

It’s the story of a lifetime. The kind of story journalist Cal Harper can’t resist.

When the exploration vessel Lightning Girl disappeared almost thirty years ago, Cal followed the story until it unexpectedly returned. He followed it so closely he ended up deeply entwined in the lives of Ash and Trev, the only two survivors of Lightning Girl’s ill-fated voyage.

But now Lightning Girl II is ready to ship out to find the Crimson Star, a star that emits sunlight a vampire can bask in without bursting into flames. The first Lightning Girl discovered the star by accident, and its exact location remains unknown.

Armed with educated guesses and extensively researched star charts, the new expedition sets off with Cal on board to document the voyage. An experienced journalist, Cal’s ready for anything.

Except Triss.

Cal has no desire to begin another relationship, especially not with a vampire. His vampire wife, Elena, died in space several years ago, leaving Cal with an empty heart and a promise to himself that he’ll never again get involved with a vampire.

But Triss is different. Yes, he’s a vampire -- or is Triss a she? -- but he’s a type of vampire long thought to be extinct. Literally gender-fluid, his intriguing nature piques Cal’s interest, but he’s not sure if it’s the journalist in him that wants to learn more about this enigmatic vampire or the man who wants to get to know him in every possible way.

In the light of the Crimson Star, they’ll have to come to terms with their boundaries, their secrets, and the ultimate nature of love.