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Diagonals (Metatron's Army, Book 10)

by Elizabeth Maxim on 2019-04-01

“I don’t know who I am anymore.”

The perfect soldier? The princess? The Iconoclast’s doom?

Born in one universe, raised in another, Commander Christine Baker’s identity was defined for her.

Now it’s time to take it back.

Dark Bishop (Metatron's Army, Book 7)

by Elizabeth Maxim on 2018-09-15

It’s Time…

To Send a Message.

“I may be the Princess but I’m a soldier first.”

Recognizing the value of being underestimated, Heiress Christine Baker has remained in the background, readying Metatron’s Army to take on an enemy whose goal makes the Big Bang look like a Fourth of July celebration.

To Accept Reality.

Her lover was right. Some people only responded to violence and aggression.

The down side to being underestimated is being seen as weak. Tedious as it is, it’s clearly time to show those who think they are in power who truly is…

To Reveal the Truth.

“You call it core, I call it soul. No matter how you turn it, you’re talking about the same thing.”

Leading an army of Light Beings begins by showing them that not only are they all on the same side, they are all the same inside.

Everything necessary to defeat the bastard is in place.

It’s Time…

Let the offensive begin!

Pawn Storm (Metatron's Army, Book 6)

by Elizabeth Maxim on 2018-06-15

A Soldier She Hadn’t Planned to Be.

“A war does not come home when you do not see the victims.”

Raised on Earth, it’s hard for Officer Christine Baker to identify with a war she doesn’t consider her own. Still she can’t deny the responsibility she feels to the men and women – and Light Beings – she’s come to care for. Leading Metatron’s Army to defeat the bastard messing with the strands of time seems the least she can do…

An Heiress She Doesn’t Have Time to Be.

“You want to establish relations but you don’t want them coming here or taking anything?”

Christine has more important things to do than babysit a bunch of paranoid monarchs – like gaining their help in winning the war she inherited.

A Vengeance She Doesn’t Know How to Be.

“In a firefight with Arcs, you’re only going to have one chance.”

After months of hell aboard The Vestik, Christine knows the hardest task – defeating the Iconoclast before he destroys everything and everyone she loves – is yet to come.

Simultaneous Display (Metatron's Army, Book 5)

by Elizabeth Maxim on 2018-03-15

The remainder of your educational requirements will be fulfilled through TS-601 opportunities.

TS-601: Verix speak for you are going off-world.

Opportunity: Alexander speak for what you see and experience there will change you forever.


To Create. For Light Beings Verix Sterling and Alexander Craig, Princess turned soldier Christine Baker is a second queen on the board in a game they must win.

You Must First Destroy. For Christine Baker, the tools and experience provided by the Light Beings are proving invaluable in her efforts to bring about the Iconoclast's downfall. It's doubtful, however, the energy beings are prepared for how she goes about it - or what it will do to her in the process.

But destiny is waiting and she has an army to recruit…

Metatron's Army.

Positional Play (Metatron's Army, Book 4)

by Elizabeth Maxim on 2017-12-28

Out of the Darkness.  
Rescued from the clutches of the Iconoclast, Cadet Christine Baker is anxious for life to get back to normal.  Whatever that is.  Born in one universe, raised in another, she feels little more than a universal misfit.  

Into the Light.  
Light Being Verix Sterling understands fighting the demons of the unknown. It’s memories of smoke and shadows that do the most damage.  Determined to help Christine get back on her feet after captivity, he will haul them into the light.  Left in the shadows, they would only grow, siphoning energy and sucking the life out of the woman he loves.

To Guide and Protect.  When a mysterious carving reveals the identity of a powerful being who can prevent an apocalyptic future, Christine sets out to unlock the secrets of his cube in time to prevent the end of everything.

Zwischenzug (Metatron's Army, Book 3)

by Elizabeth Maxim on 2017-09-18

Some lessons need to be lived.

Deciding nothing teaches like experience, Light Being Alexander Craig takes his protégé off-world. Unaware of a traitor in their midst, he leads the key to his race’s salvation straight into a trap.

Others survived.

For Christine Baker, the whole destiny mantra has been an eye rolling affair. I mean Chosen One – seriously? When she lands in the clutches of the Iconoclast, she learns there are worse things to face than death.