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The Baylan Chronicles: ARTEN (A sci-fi alien romance)

by Ella Blake on 2019-02-03

These aliens take "first contact" to a whole new level.

After teaming up to free a fellow Baylan and his human mate from a secret alien testing facility, Arten Dal-Allean has been keeping research scientist, Chloe Riker, safely in hiding. Now, the powerful people running the facility want her dead and the details of a human-Baylan peace agreement make taking her aboard his ship a big risk in the fragile negotiations. When she’s abducted from under his nose, Arten has to decide how far he will go for a woman who can never be his. Chloe may awaken all his protective and passionate instincts, but no soul marks appear on his chest to indicate she is his biological mate. Arten has always played by the rules—he made most of them—but how many will he break to make her his?
Chloe Riker fell for Arten long before they met. Their secret correspondences, and work to free Baylan test subjects, broke down all her walls. She’d hop on his alien base ship and into his bed forever, but her touch doesn’t seem to trigger the soul mark that would signal their true mating, and only humans who are true mates of an alien can reside on a base ship. As Chloe’s past catches up to her and powerful forces bent on revenge close in, Chloe has to use her wits to save herself and convince her alien lover to break a few rules.

THE BAYLAN CHRONICLES: ARTEN is the third book in a romance series about hot alien males finding their mates with human women. This is a stand-alone story with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA (happily ever after). Previous installments in this series:

The Baylan Chronicles: RAZE (A sci-fi alien romance)

by Ella Blake on 2018-11-04

Who knew a hike in the woods would lead to a gorgeous alien warrior scooping her off her feet? Sofia Lorenz is overwhelmed by Raze’s size and strength, but the lust she feels for him has to be an alien mind trick! When she and Raze are abducted by human agents and locked together in a forced breeding facility, certain truth about their attraction come to light. Sofia will have to decide if she can accept Raze and the changes that come with being a Baylan warrior’s mate.

Despite a peace agreement in place between Baylans and humans, a dark and well-funded group is determined to imprison every Baylan on Earth in secret testing facilities. Raze Lux-Raal is trying to evade agents of this group in woods belonging to the lovely and spirited Sofia Lorenz. He initially mistakes her for an agent, but when attraction explodes between them, and her touch triggers a new soul mark on his chest, he recognizes that Sofia is his destined mate. But, when the two are captured and forced into a human—Baylan breeding program, the only thing harder than finding an escape is resisting the urge to claim his mate.

Will the two biological mates be able to hold off their desires until they find freedom, or be forced to submit to their passion as captive research subjects?

THE BAYLAN CHRONICLES: DRACE is the second book in a romance series about hot alien alpha males finding their mates with Earth women. This is a stand-alone story with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA (happily ever after)!