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Arriving Soon


Chaos (Operation Outreach Book 3)

by Elle Thorne on 2017-11-09

Messina—Messi—Argyle must take an unplanned trip to another planet to sort out the Operation Outreach she’s been put in charge of. This operation must succeed. An ambassadorship is riding on it.. She refuses to yield to failure.

Veer’s agreed to impersonate the governor of Janus to help his friend Jeweler out. He didn’t count on his heartstrings being pulled by a street urchin. He didn’t anticipate that he’d find a such a disparity between the classes in the capital city. He also didn’t count on losing his heart to the stubborn ambitious Earth woman.

Now Veer’s got a dilemma, Messi’s got chaos, and the planet is headed for some considerable changes, if those two can sort matters and agree to a common goal. And stay out of bed long enough to meet that goal.
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Rush: Intergalactic Dating Agency (Operation Outreach Book 2)

by Elle Thorne on 2017-09-28

The first mate of the Javelin’s got it bad for a nasty-tempered, smart ass woman from Earth. That she’s promised to handfast another man sits on his conscience. He shouldn’t have kissed her. He shouldn’t have cared. These things don’t sit on his conscience as much as the secret he’s been keeping from the ones who trust him.

Katrina agreed to be a mail order bride to the wrong man. Okay, any man would have been the wrong man because she had eyes for one alien, and one alone. But she can’t take the luxury to develop feelings for him. She’s on a mission. And if her mission fails, her family’s life is at stake.

Hop on board the Javelin for a ride into another solar system and a journey into the lengths one goes for love.

Wrath (Operation Outreach Book 1)

by Elle Thorne on 2017-09-07

What could make a regular ol’ cashier from PennyMart turn into bounty hunting and pursue a criminal across the planets? The kind of emotion that gives birth to wrath.

How does the first born of Zama’s royalty become conscripted into taking a mail order bride? That’s one story. What does he feel when his brother signs him up for that? Pure wrath.

Smyrna wants one thing. Just one. She wants the man who killed her best friend dead. Being a bounty hunter isn’t her life goal. It’s the means to an end.

Caayn’s younger brother played a cruel joke on him. He signed him up to be hand-fasted to a mail order bride. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned? Not so. Hell has no wrath like a man signed up to marry a woman he’s never met.

Until he meets her.