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Arriving Soon


Unwrapping His Mate

by Ellen Cross on 2017-12-30

Blain has never received a single kindness from his mother. Her hate for her own child has run deep, since Blain was born a shapeshifter in a society that has made it a mission to eradicate the impure shifter gene. When she signs his life away three days before Christmas knowing he is headed for certain death, Blain knows his only option is to run and hope for a Christmas miracle. He just never imagined his salvation would come in the form of Maggie and Azzy, a grandmother and grandson intergalactic smuggling duo. There is just one problem. Azzy’s scent drives Blain’s White Raccoon Dog self into a biting frenzy. If he can’t get his inner animal spirit under control, escaping his mother’s plans may be the least of his troubles. Azzy just might launch him out the airlock!