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Two Unicorns Flew Into My Bedroom One Night: Y2K, Prince Cedric, Amaranth, and Sir Malcolm

by Eloise Mitcham on 2018-07-22

A bodice-ripping romance, dark fantasy-thriller, heart racing horror story! In 1999, during the Y2K Scare, a young woman's life is changed into a horrible fairy-tale when two baby unicorns fly into her bedroom seeking shelter from a blue-eyed, brutal Knight. With the help of a paramour, she tries to keep them safe. But, she is kidnapped and taken to the Bermuda Triangle. There, she falls into an entanglement of heartbreak, mystery, fear, happiness, basket-making, and political intrigue!
This is a very intense book, especially Parts Two and Three. This story might haunt your dreams when reading it in its entirety. Recommended age for readers 17 or older.