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Arriving Soon


A Shameful Experiment: A Punishment Reverse Harem Romance

by Emily Tilton on 2018-11-29

In an attempt to escape her troubles on Earth, nineteen-year-old Tilly Squires inadvertently stows away aboard a spacecraft headed for Saturn. When she accidentally damages equipment critical to the ship's planned scientific endeavors, however, she soon finds herself naked, bound, and blushing, with her bare bottom fully on display for a hard, painful, and very public strapping.

With its original objectives no longer achievable, it is decided that the mission will instead undertake a much different sort of research. To explore the effectiveness of a shared sex slave for the enhancement of morale, after an intimate, deeply humiliating medical examination, Tilly's virgin body will be made available for the crew to punish, use, and enjoy in any way they please.

But as she is claimed over and over by more than a dozen stern, sexy astronauts, will her helpless arousal prove that Tilly is not an entirely unwilling participant in this shameful experiment?

Publisher's Note: A Shameful Experiment includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Under Alien Influence

by Emily Tilton on 2018-10-25

When a pair of invisible, inorganic aliens arrive on Earth, they promptly set about finding ways to entertain themselves. Using their mind control abilities, they awaken the previously dormant dominant instincts within two human males, and before long they are observing with great amusement as two beautiful, naughty young women are thoroughly and shamefully mastered.

Though eighteen-year-old Hailey Miller's parents asked their neighbor to keep an eye on her while they are out of town, the last thing she expected was for the handsome businessman to catch her in an act of self-pleasure and then take it upon himself to spank her bare bottom soundly. Despite her indignance, the painful, humiliating chastisement leaves Hailey quivering with need, and soon she is writhing in helpless ecstasy as her virgin body is used and enjoyed.

Meanwhile, across town, twenty-three-year-old Janice Strauss is learning the hard way what happens to a young wife when her husband has enough of her sharp tongue. As she kneels at his feet with her bottom still burning to thank him for her well-deserved punishment, Janice knows her marriage has changed forever, and though it makes her blush to admit it, she is glad it has.

But the aliens have plans for Hailey and Janice that go far beyond anything they have experienced so far...

Publisher's Note: Under Alien Influence includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Shamed: A Punishment Reverse Harem Romance

by Emily Tilton on 2018-06-29

With society in turmoil after Earth’s defeat in an interplanetary war with one of its own colony worlds, Araminta Lourcy reluctantly travels to Draco to live among the victorious colonists.

Upon reaching Draco, however, she quickly discovers that the situation is much worse than she expected and integrating with this new culture will be far more difficult than she anticipated.

Her Old-Fashioned Husbands

by Emily Tilton on 2017-11-10

Over the millennia since advances in technology made near-immortality and eternal youth possible, human society has changed dramatically. But for eighteen-year-old Sarah, nothing is as exciting as fantasizing about old-fashioned ideas and long-lost traditions.

When she volunteers to assist with a project being organized by Major General Richard Green and President Gregory Nevins, two of the oldest individuals in the world, Sarah is thrilled at the chance to work with men who grew up in an era in which men and women married, raised families, and grew old together. But when the two men claim her as their wife, will she be excited at the chance to experience something she thought would always be only a fantasy?