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The Inventor and His Scourge

by Emily Wendell on 2018-11-22

Following the excitement of The Inventor and His Muse, comes the next part in Winston and Gemma's adventure!

For the past four months, Winston and Gemma Winchester have had an ocean between them. Though all is not well when they finally reunite in the marvelous city of New London. Jonathan and Pearl Chattoway’s relationship is at an impasse. Inventors are still being tormented with nearby buildings blowing up thanks to Trevor Cox’s explosives. Gemma’s sisters, Marianne and Olivia Hayslip, are causing mischief as they struggle to adjust to their new life. Then there are the Deweys, Miss Lucy LaCroix, and their psychic devices.

And with the Inventor’s Challenge looming in the distance, it will take everyone to find the scourge before it’s too late.