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Winter Solstice in Draga: A Draga Court Epilogue Novella (The Draga Court Series Book 7)

by Emma Dean on 2018-12-25

Adelina and her mates are celebrating their first Winter Solstice together as a family.

It's been three months since the end of the war and Adelina's coronation. Ruling as queen of four systems isn't all work and no play. The Winter Solstice ball is proof of that. Her and her husbands are starting new traditions and laying the foundation for their future. They exchange gifts on the longest night of the cycle and Adelina has something special planned.

*This is a happily ever after holiday novella featuring Adelina, Varan, Kaiden, and Nash. Happy Winter Solstice!

Fate of Draga: A Space Fantasy Romance (The Draga Court Series Book 6)

by Emma Dean on 2018-12-18

The Final Book in Adelina's story.

Queen of Draga: A Space Fantasy Romance (the Draga Court Series Book 5)

by Emma Dean on 2018-10-09

Book 5 of the Draga Court series.

Heir of Draga: A Space Fantasy Romance (the Draga Court series Book 4)

by Emma Dean on 2018-05-18

The fourth book in the Draga Court series.

Jasmine of Draga: A Space Fantasy Romance (The Draga Court Series Book 3)

by Emma Dean on 2018-02-28

The Neprijat monsters have attacked the Draga Galaxy and millions have died. Prince Nash has left to save what’s left of his people. Adelina has a plan to save Draga, but first she must convince Raena to allow her to meet with the Drakesthai dragons and ask for aid before it’s too late while Varan, the Prince of Thieves makes an official request for her hand in marriage.

*This is a slow burn reverse harem series.

Crown of Draga: A Space Fantasy Romance (the Draga Court series Book 2)

by Emma Dean on 2017-12-15

The second book in the Draga Court series.

Princess of Draga: a space fantasy romance (Draga Court Book 1)

by Emma Dean on 2017-10-20

Princess Adelina's coming-of-age party will declare to the worlds she is finally eligible to wed. All she wants is to serve the crown and her people. But when a lost prince arrives Adelina feels an undeniable attraction to the Corinthian, Prince Nash. He requests sanctuary after monsters slaughter his entire family and take over his galaxy, but the King is hesitant to honor their alliance for fear of bringing the Neprijat to their doorstep. Will Adelina help him despite her family's disapproval and risk everything she has worked for to uphold her honor, and perhaps have a chance at love?

Royal Guard of Draga: a steamy science fiction romance: a Draga Court Prequel Novella (the Draga Court series)

by Emma Dean on 2017-08-04

In a galaxy far from our own in a faraway future humans have settled among the stars, altering their genetics to create a more peaceful society where dominance and rank are known instinctively. Princess Adelina of the Draga royal family seeks love before political gain and her guard is the only male she sees. Alpha is the most beautiful man she's ever laid eyes on and ever since he came back from his training Adelina can't get him off her mind.

The strength and dominance Alpha has tests her will and all Adelina wants to do is submit to him, but she has duties required by the crown. When her father becomes ill her life, and that of her siblings are turned upside down. Can Adelina find love with her royal guard before it's too late and the choice is taken from her?