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Elix: Sci-Fi Romance (The Gladius Syndicate Book 2)

by Emma James on 2018-05-31

Kianna is in a race against time...

Stuck on a remote base on the fringes of one star system, USF soldiers Elix and Kianna found a love powerful enough that they defied the rules and risked everything to have it. Their love is strong and enduring.

Until one day when Elix turns up missing. He's gone without a trace.

Desperate to find him, Kianna launches a crusade. With help from some unlikely sources, she uncovers dark, disturbing information that could explain Elix's whereabouts. She hears tales of shadowy groups like the Syndicate. She hears rumors of gladiator-style fights.

She hears enough that it shakes her to her core.

After she's threatened for asking too many questions, Kianna has no choice but to go on the run. She has no choice but to carry her crusade to the very doorstep of the Syndicate to reclaim Elix as her own.

But, will she get to Elix in time? Or will the trials he's enduring in the fighting pits change him forever?

It's a race against time to save not just the life, but the very soul of the man Kianna loves.

This is book two in the Gladius Syndicate series from Best Selling author Emma James! Each book in this series can be read as a standalone, no prior reading required. As a bonus, the complete Zhekan Mates series has been included as a thank you for purchasing! This book contains mature themes and is considered 18+

Contact: Sci-Fi Romance (Far Hope Series Book 4)

by Emma James on 2018-05-23

Kira has one decision or annihilation...

The exciting conclusion to the best-selling series Far Hope on Amazon continues with Kira and Thor working to confront and stop Colonel Baron Grimm before he can carry out his nefarious plans for galactic domination.

Time is running short, and Kira will have to decide between love and the annihilation of all she holds dear.

You don't want to miss out on this fantastic conclusion to the acclaimed Far Hope Series!

This book contains mature themes and, as a bonus, the complete Zhekan Mates series from Emma James!

Phaelenx: Fantasy Romance (Zhekan Mates Book 3)

by Emma James on 2018-05-14

Selene Covendane has always longed for more...

Flighty and tempestuous, she’s rejected not one, but three royal suitors. Rather than sit inside and practice magic as Zhekan ladies are expected to do, Selene would rather sneak out of the royal compound and listen to the songs of traveling bards. Their tales of adventure and romance are much more exciting than anything she can imagine.

But one night, when she sneaks out of the castle, she meets a man who will change her life forever.

Phaelenx Cobbler is a champion Zhekan warrior. The strongest and biggest of them all, fighting is a game to him. While other men would brag, Phaelenx only takes it in stride. He’s used to it all – the cheering girls, the envious other men.

When he meets Selene, a hot-headed royal cousin, Phaelenx doesn’t quite know what to think. She’s unlike any other woman he’s ever met. Yet, despite their differences, the two have quite a bit in common…including deep suspicions of Zheka’s security.

And when a devastating announcement is made, Selene and Phaelenx know they have to work together to save their country.

Will they succeed, and realize their affection for one another?

Or will everyone – including their lives – be destroyed in the process?

This is Book Three in the Zhekan Mates series and each book in this series can be read as a standalone. This is a 50k word standalone novel with mature themes intended for 18+ audiences.

Baelen: Fantasy Romance (Zhekan Mates Book 4)

by Emma James on 2018-05-14

Baelan Covendane wishes he could forget the past...

Between his disastrous marriage that nearly led to the ruin of Zheka and his overbearing mother, Baelan is sure that he’ll never find happiness…or anything like it. When he signs up to join the new Zhekan navy, it is as much a punishment for himself as it is his one chance to make things right again.

But unfortunately for Baelan, he learns all too quickly that he’s bitten off more than he can chew.

Rillie Caulmont, a Nasenian peasant girl, has a talent that can stop grown men in their tracks. Born to a siren and a peasant man, her voice is the most beautiful music that anyone could imagine.

But Rillie never expected her voice to be used for evil…or for profitable gain. Just as she never expected to live anything other than an ordinary life, she soon discovers that her naïveté is greater than she knows.

When Baelan and Rillie meet, their passion is undeniable. Their chemistry is intense, and Rillie learns that she’s never met a man like Baelan before.

Likewise, Baelan has never met a girl like Rillie…and he soon discovers that he’ll do anything to be with her, even if it means committing treachery against his kingdom for the second time in his young life.

Will the two find happiness? Or like a stone in the sea, will their love drown and sink below the crushing fury of the waves?

This is Book Four in the Zhekan Mates series and each book in this series can be read as a standalone. This is a 50k word standalone novel with mature themes intended for 18+ audiences.

Huen: Fantasy Romance (Zhekan Mates Book 2)

by Emma James on 2018-05-10

Aine Brevenswood is no one until she met Huen Covendane...

Aine's life was little more than insignificant. She was orphaned at a young age in the neighboring kingdom of Glasule and adopted out of convenience by a Zhekan peasant family who needed another pair of hands to help around the home. Aine's days were tedious and uneventful.


Huen Covendane is a royal cousin of the Zhekan monarchy and he despises his place among his own. The men of Zheka are meant to be warriors, bathed in blood. Huen's lifelong pursuit of knowledge has made him an outcast in his own family and they continue to pressure him to wed and take his place alongside the great warriors of Zheka.

Huen's rebellion against his station not only threatens his own life, but perhaps the lives of the entire kingdom of Zheka. But when Aine Brevenswood comes into his life he must fight to win her affection and save their lives...

Will their forbidden love tear the kingdom apart? Or will they triumph and overcome against all odds?

Fans of Terry Bolryder, Linsey Hall and Jeff Wheeler will love this HOT new series from Emma James.

This is a standalone story with an HEA and mature themes intended for 18+ audiences.

Redemption: Sci-Fi Romance (Far Hope Series Book 2)

by Emma James on 2018-05-09

Captain Kira Winter is desperate...

She's in a race against time to stop Colonel Baron Grimm from carrying out his plans of Galactic Domination...plans that could claim millions of lives...

Kira, Thor and crew must find Grimm, uncover his plans and stop him before he can act or the blood of innocent lives could be on their hands.

Kira and Thor's relationship continues to grow, but it also threatens to undermine their mission - will their passion destroy them? Or will it drive them to succeed at all costs?

Fans of Firefly, Star Wars, and Star Trek will love this HOT series from Emma James

This is Book #2 in the Best Selling Far Hope Series. These books are intended for mature audiences and recommended for 18+. All books are HEA and contain a minor cliffhanger. This book also contains bonus material as a special thank you!

Supernova: Sci-Fi Romance (Far Hope Series Book 3)

by Emma James on 2018-05-09

Grim destruction threatens the Terran Alliance unless Kira and crew can restore the balance of power...

Colonel Grimm continues his mad pursuit of war against his own people. Kira, Thor and crew race against time to find Colonel Grimm and defeat him before he can deploy his Supernova weapon against the Terran Alliance.

The only trouble is that no one knows where Grimm hides. His coup was well staged, and elaborately executed. His followers are loyal. In a desperate attempt to track him down and end the rebellion Kira and Thor must travel to Jaantu 7, the galaxy's most infamous prison, and locate the only two humanoids that know where he could be.

Kira and Thor must now battle their growing love for one another against the dangers they face. Will they successfully infiltrate Jaantu 7, or will they fail and watch Grimm take all that they hold dear?

This is the third book in the best-selling Far Hope Series and contains mature themes intended for 18+ audiences

Aerdan: Fantasy Romance (Zhekan Mates Book 1)

by Emma James on 2018-05-03

Angelica Bower’s life is going nowhere…

Angelica’s adult life had started so fast – great education, top of her class, dream job out of school – and then, it all sort of stalled. What began as exciting quickly turned into the morass of routine and Angelica was left wondering what was left to look forward to?

Aerdan Covendane is the crown prince of Zheka. His talents as a legendary warrior are only matched by his talents for bedding the eager women of Zheka.

By all accounts, Aerdan should have been happy. But, the superficial titles, ceremonies and women all served as a reminder that so little of what Aerdan had achieved had truly been earned. He longed to find a mate that would match him as his equal.

Ancient magic brings Angelica and Aerdan together, and they soon find themselves locked in a passionate battle against tradition as the kingdoms of Zheka resist their union.

Will their relationship withstand the jealousy and rage of those who stand to lose the most? Or will they be torn apart by those who seek the throne for themselves?

Fans of T.S Ryder and Terry Bolryder will enjoy this new fast paced series from Best Selling author Emma James! Plunge into the world of Zheka and meet the HOT men that are there for your pleasure!

This is a 30,000 word standalone romance novel with a HEA and mature themes intended for 18+ audiences.

Dariux: Sci-Fi Romance (The Gladius Syndicate Book 1)

by Emma James on 2018-04-18

On the planet Astriq, Lyra was one of the lost. The forgotten. The abandoned...

Each day on Astriq was a struggle - for life, for food, for existence. Lyra had long been abandoned by her family out of fear of the terrible power that lay within. Now, that power was her greatest secret. She dare not let the authorities on Astriq know, lest she be killed on the spot. What she did not know was that she was being watched and hunted for the dark secret that she possessed...

Dariux was a smuggler for as long as he could remember. Each day was spent on the edge of the law, skirting prison, or worse, gruesome death. All in the name of survival. After a mysterious illness strikes his mother, Dariux is forced to take on his most dangerous contract to date with a criminal group known as The Gladius Syndicate - a galactic slave ring. He knew the nefarious nature of their work, but it was easy to ignore the morality in the name of saving those he loved...

Dariux certainly didn't expect to find love on this mission, let alone such an explosive one. Now he is faced with endangering his own life to save yet another. Will Dariux and Lyra find a way to escape The Gladius Syndicate? Or will they be sold into slavery to fight for their lives?

**This book contains mature themes intended for those 18+**
**This book contains bonus material as a thank you to those who buy the first edition!**

Thor: Sci-Fi Romance (Far Hope Series Book 1)

by Emma James on 2018-04-04

Captain Kira Winter is a risk taker...

To some, the risks seem unnecessary, but to Kira that risk goes hand in hand with being an elite military pilot.

She has no way of knowing that her fame for bending the rules and always getting the job done is about to put her in danger.

What starts out as a simple off-the-books mission turns into a race against time to stop one man, driven mad by his lust for power.

Running from pirates, bounty hunters and cybernetically enhanced super soldiers, Kira and her crew must find a way to win at any cost - the fate of the human race could depend on it.

**This book contains bonus books. This book contains mature themes and is intended for audiences 18+**

Fans of Firefly, Star Trek and Star Wars should enjoy this fast paced brand new Romance series from E.A. James!