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H•O•M•E Episode 6: "Road Trip to Proxima!"

by Eric Machmer on 2017-07-04

"M*A*S*H in a Research Station on Mars...Star Trek in our Solar System."

Please Note: This series is written as a TV drama in screenplay format, like a play.

These eScripts are formatted as reading scripts to familiarize space-advocates with screenplays in the hope of fostering near-term, realistic, science-fiction for the mass medium of ‘television’. Standard contemporary screenplay format still includes "INT." or "EXT." at the start of scene headings (indicating 'exterior' or 'interior'). Since this should be obvious, such soon to be archaic headings are omitted. Often dialogue starts without even action description. Finally, characters are introduced without ALL CAPS typical in standard shooting scripts and reflect the diversity of America:

Storytelling will improve as episodes are written throughout the year. Ten episodes per season will be compiled into annual anthologies. Please participate in the improvement of this series. Suggest changes by providing feedback to the author via twitter @oceanbluesky. (And ensure you are able to receive free updates by turning on 'Automatic Book Update' under the 'Settings' tab here: )

If you would like to follow the development of this series follow our Facebook page:

Additional story notes may be found here:

Enjoy! Let's get humanity off this rock!