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Briar on Bruins' Peak (Bruins' Peak Bears Book 7)

by Erin D. Andrews on 2017-09-02

What happened to Riskin Dodd after Mattox Farrell defeated him in an Alpha challenge? Where did Riskin go when Mattox drove him away, bleeding and crippled? What became of Riskin after Lyric Mackenzie broke his heart to marry Mattox?

Briar MacAllister hasn’t been the same since Melody Mackenzie ran away from Marla Dunlap’s wedding to join the Midnight panther shifters. Briar cherished the same romantic notions about finding her one true mate. After the Melody disaster, Briar’s not so sure anymore.

All that changes the day she meets a scarred, filthy bear in the woods on Bruins’ peak. He’s limping, hostile, and refuses to socialize with other Bruins. It’s Riskin. He went a little crazy after his defeat. He doesn’t shift anymore. He lives a solitary existence as a bear in the forest with no friends, no family, no future.

Briar soon discovers another side of him, though, a side no one knew existed, not even Riskin himself. A brave new world of challenge and promise await as Riskin rises from the ashes to seize the destiny assigned him by Fate and the love of the woman of his dreams.

Melody on Bruins' Peak (Bruins Peak Bears Book 6)

by Erin D. Andrews on 2017-08-26

It’s the biggest wedding in Bruin history as Marla Dunlap and Walker Cunningham tie the knot, but Fate determines a different outcome than everyone expects. Right before the ceremony, the three young Dunlap boys catch a black panther in the woods on Bruins’ Peak. They drag it back to Dunlap Homestead and lock it in the basement. At the last second, right before Marla and Walker head down the aisle, the panther shifts into a young man. Marla recognizes Riley Faulkner, the bear-baiter who kidnapped and almost killed her.

Melody Mackenzie finds herself caught in a tangled web of politics, danger and intrigue. Riley is an enemy of her people: dangerous, calculating, profiteering for Bruin lives. How can she stand to get near him with Walker howling for Riley’s blood? Against her will, she falls under his hypnotic spell. His pitch black soul radiates power, sexual energy, and everything forbidden. Melody ought to kill him right now, but her Destiny decrees her future lies with him.

Must Melody turn against all her family and friends to find her heart’s true mate? How can she survive being torn away from Bruins’ Peak? How can she live without the love of her life?

Lyric on Bruins' Peak (Bruins' Peak Bears Book 5)

by Erin D. Andrews on 2017-08-18

No one at Mackenzie Homestead can understand silent, retiring Mattox Farrell. He keeps to himself and won’t look anyone in the eye. He wears his hair and beard long, and always has his fringed buckskin jacket on, even in the hottest weather. Azer Mackenzie and Riskin Dodd hate him and torment him whenever they can.

Lyric Mackenzie always thought she would marry Riskin Dodd to consolidate the family cattle fortune. Her life turns upside down when she suddenly uncovers Mattox’s secret plans to combine an old Mackenzie pedigree with a new breeding line to create a ranching powerhouse no one can compete with. Lyric finds her whole world coming apart at the seams. Nothing is as it seems, especially not Mattox Farrell.

When old Rex Mackenzie lays his mantle on Mattox and declares him the new destined Alpha who will take over the Mackenzie tribe, Mattox changes before Lyric’s eyes. He cuts his hair, and without his leather jacket, everyone can see he’s bigger, stronger, and more dominant than anyone else. He’s calculating, far-sighted, and magnetically attractive. Lyric falls into his hands along with the rest of the Mackenzies’ multi-billion dollar empire.

Can Lyric reconcile herself to this new destiny unfolding before her? Can Mattox overcome impossible odds to bring all these forces under his new authority?

The Journey for Death (War of the Realms Book 3)

by Erin D. Andrews on 2017-08-10

War has begun across the East Realms after the destruction of the West, and the hunger for revenge began to take hold. King Osiris lost his life in a battle he never realized had been staged by an even greater threat to humanity, Ghede, the King of the Dead. Ghede was a long forgotten foe, placed in the depths of hell, by what some say was the hands of the God’s themselves. The Dead King waged war upon the wizards and the Mer-People leaving only the Prince to survive. Queen Asphodel and her Fae Kingdom sit with tyranny on the horizon as the Port of the Cascading Seas is empty.

Setting out on a journey, Prince Pike finds his path riddled with enemies but has found an ally in the Fae Princess, Leonetta. Leonetta and her Faith, though captivated by their own plan for the future, will push forward, protecting and guiding Pike as he evolves from the two legged Prince of the Mer-People to the King of the White Wolves, a face in a prophecy written in the stars. His journey is long but he finds comfort and friendship in the most unlikely of people along his way.

The Journey for Death will take the reader through battles of Ogrerish proportion, lost alliances, new friendships, and secrets long since kept. Realizations of the future will be put into motion and the depth of importance of Pike’s place amongst the fold will be revealed. With so much riding on this young King’s shoulders and the understanding that his future is not what he had thought or hoped, he may begin to waver in his allegiance. Death and destruction are coming for the East Realms and the frost is beginning to gather on the broken fields of the Vale. Who will come out on top will depend solely on lies, secrets, and revelations.

Aurora on Bruins' Peak (Bruins' Peak Bears Book 3)

by Erin D. Andrews on 2017-07-21

Everybody knows Bruins aren’t supposed to mix with humans. Hunters still threaten the families on Bruins’ Peak with everything from legal action to cold-blooded murder. So when Aurora Cunningham overhears Bain Campbell plotting to lay traps on Bruins’ Peak, she has to act fast. Bain is still the blood-thirstiest hunter of them all, but when Aurora rushes out of the bar to warn her people, she runs right smack into wild and dangerous Austin Farrell.

Austin has a bad reputation around Bruins’ Peak, and for good reason, but Aurora can see with one glance he’s not the weedy firebrand he used to be. He’s grown up and filled out with solid muscle since his father died, and his brother Brody took over as Alpha of the Farrell tribe. More responsibility agrees with Austin, and he’s just the man to help Aurora fulfill her mission.

More dangers lurk around Bruins’ Peak than they expected, though, and not all of them from outsiders. Can Austin and Aurora overcome generations of hostility to find love and belonging on Bruins’ Peak, or are they destined to drift apart and crash on the rocks of fate?

The Battle for Cascading Seas (War of the Realms Book 2)

by Erin D. Andrews on 2017-07-15

Game of Thrones fans will love this!

The West Realms had long since been ravished, the revenge and lust of King Osiris sending the land to its knees. After torching his fields and ports, and realizing that his daughter, Leonetta, born a Fae, had betrayed him, his thirst for revenge overtook him. With his soldiers and dragon shifters in toe, he took the Fae Port of The Vale and waged war against the generally peaceful species. Though the Fae trounced the King, they did not do so without grave loss. With the King and Queen of the Fae dead, Asphodul and Leonetta took over, attempting to pull their lands back into prosperity.

Across the East Realm in the Port of the Cascading Seas, the wise wizard King Osharus and his daughter Aralea served their Kingdom with the wisdom of centuries. Osiris, looking for a new way to take the Kingdoms of the East Realm, regrouped his troops and headed for the faraway port city, unaware of the alliance with the Mer-Kingdom just off the shores of Fortune in the Inlet of Illiad.

As old romances, once thought lost, are rekindled, and new traitors show their faces, the War of the Realms begins to darken. A long-forgotten enemy, tucked away in the mountains starts to surge bringing both human and Fae alike, to their knees. Will Osiris remember his place as King and push forward to the port? Will this new enemy threaten all that makes up the East Realms? Only time will tell as new alliances forge, foe become friend, and relationships are tested.

Fire Maiden (New World Book 1)

by Erin D. Andrews on 2017-07-07

When Violet hires Frank to be her accountant, everything clicks. They hit it off, but Violet convinces herself that she only needs him for work and nothing else. After she decided to date him, she's surprised by how easy it is - until she learns one small detail - he’s a dragon.

How can she love someone who is a dragon, a creature she didn’t even know was real? Will she be able to accept Frank for who he is?

***4 Bonus Books Included (The Hills Box Set 1-4)