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Arriving Soon


The Wolf's Succubus: BWAM Paranormal Romance (Gods and Concubines Book 3)

by Erin St. Charles on 2019-02-28

The Virgin Succubus
I’m the oldest virgin succubus in North America. Well, maybe the oldest one in Texas. But trust me, it’s better this way. If I keep to myself, I can’t hurt anyone. This has worked for the past ten years... until he came back.

Eric Andrews. The wolf shifter who first triggered my succubus dreams. The boy I used to love. Except he’s not a boy anymore.

He's back in town, and he’s all grown up.
He’s coming for me.

The Wolf Shifter
I never planned to come back and the longer I stayed in town, the more I fell under the spell of the Jane Guzmán, the shy, bookish innkeeper who sets my blood boiling.

I need to claim her.

The Wolf's Concubine: BWWM Paranormal (Gods and Concubines Book 2)

by Erin St. Charles on 2018-11-30

Fated mates.A fake engagement. What could go wrong? 

I met my fated mate and she turned my world upside down. She's human, and doesn't believe we are fated to be together, but our chemistry can't be denied. Which is why I had to go old school to make her mine, and use a time-honored wolf tradition from the old country.

Mating by capture.

I know this is technically called, "kidnapping" in the human world, and she'll try to bolt the second she is able to. But she's mine, she's not going anywhere, and I'll do whatever it takes to hold onto her. 

I have always taken care of myself, thank you very much, and even though I was attacked by the same shape-shifting creature that has been kidnapping women in my city, I don't need a bossy, overbearing wolf looking after me. 

You see, I have a plan in motion for my life. I'll play the part of the dutiful fiancee to stay safe, but my plans don't include being mated to my so-called "protector." It's true he's got that irresistible wolf charm and he's sexier than hot, buttered sin, but I have been on my own since I was a little girl, and I know I'm the only person I can trust. 

The moment I get a chance to get away, I'll peace out this pushy dude and the nosy people in this backwater shifter town.  

An enforcer with a hero complex. A woman who doesn't need anyone. An inconvenient mating urge that cannot be denied.