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Arriving Soon


Before The Moon: The Lunar Lovescape Prologues

by Essie Powers on 2019-03-05


Louise Williams fights for a career in Shepherd’s Bush, London, only to stumble into the man of her dreams.
Alicia Brennan explores Phunphin, Thailand, escaping her past, escaping into another world . . . but will love ever truly leave her alone?
In searing temperatures, Lan Niu patrols Buñol, Spain, running security during the annual Tomatina festival. But can she stay focused, professional when thrown together with a dashing colleague?
From New Delhi, India, Kyra Singh files reports for an array of respected media outlets. However, a routine assignment takes a sudden twist when the new photographer arrives . . .
In Sydney, Australia, Mackenzie Angliss comes to terms with her parents’ death. But as her world collapses a perfect stranger awakens her passion once more.

Before The Moon: The Lunar Lovescape Prologues

Christmas Hearts: Three Romantic Short Stories

by Essie Powers on 2018-12-04


In “Modern Angles”, a striking face haunts Raina’s dreams through her optical implant. Will an encounter in the virtual world unlock her greatest desire in the physical one?
In “Night-Time Water”, Nela quests into the jungle only for Christmas magic — and romance — to strike when she least expects it.
In “Rumbling Rhythms”, Michelle battles to keep the spectre of Christmas from invading her record shop . . . only to find warmth once again.

Christmas Hearts: Three Romantic Short Stories