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A Star Pilot's Heart: A Reverse Harem Romance (All the Stars in the Sky Book 1)

by Eva Delaney on 2019-01-15

Warriors. Smugglers. Rebels. Only Calpurnia and her crew of five seductive men can save the galaxy from its evil rulers.

With war raging between a cruel empire and a brave revolt, little hope is left in the galaxy. Captain Calpurnia has a chance to end the battle. But her journey takes her deep into the enemy’s kingdom with a power-hungry prince on her trail.

On her high-stakes quest, Calpurnia finds herself trapped in tight quarters with a team of rebels: A brave warrior, a shy genius, a mysterious bounty hunter, a gentle doctor, and a cocky pilot.

This fiercely independent captain is suddenly tempted by five alluring allies. Will she succumb to the men’s charms? Or shove them out the ship’s airlock?

Torn between her fear of loneliness and her fear of falling in love, Calpurnia must journey to new worlds alongside her enticing crew. Can she escape the cruel prince and save the galaxy, while navigating the desires of her heart?

A Star Pilot’s Heart is a Reverse Harem space fantasy, featuring a bad-ass heroine, sexy daredevils, and gripping space battles. It’s a combination of Firefly, Star Wars, and The Princess Bride. Scroll up to read this heart-pounding romance today.