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An Undeniable Passion (Outer Worlds Passion Series Book 3)

by Evelyn Lederman on 2018-12-18

Some secrets can’t be revealed.

Unjustly considered a bombing suspect, Tamara Keyes is forced to shed her fake identity. When confronted with being found guilty of the crime or admitting the truth, she remains quiet. The fate awaiting her is preferable to what would occur if her secrets were revealed.

Monte Simpson is helpless to save the woman he loves. Rather than supporting her, he surrenders into depression and guilt. As her truths are revealed, his earlier behavior drives a wedge in any attempts to reconcile.

Relationships in the 31st Century are as complicated as they are today. Get caught up in the third book in the Outer Worlds Passion series.

An Unleashed Passion (Outer Worlds Passion Series Book 2)

by Evelyn Lederman on 2018-11-13

As a castoff bride, she had no future. He was a hybrid-human who believed he was beneath her.

Laurel Brayton was raised to be one thing, a contracted bride. When her groom married another, her future appeared bleak. Victimized, she was determined to take control of her life despite the odds.

Gerard Holmes was in love with a woman he could never possess. When she came to him in desperation, he had no choice but to succumb to her wishes. Every decision she made placed her in greater danger, causing Gerard to reach deep inside himself and overcome his past insecurities.

An Uncontrollable Passion (Outer Worlds Passion Series Book 1)

by Evelyn Lederman on 2018-10-16

He looked past his genetically engineered bride and became obsessed with her battle-scarred bodyguard.

Militia cadet Sydney Aubrey's life is turned upside down when she receives new orders. An attraction to a man after a chance encounter threatens her new assignment. Haunted by her past, Sydney fights not to have history repeat itself.

Clay Wilson worked hard to build his outer world operation and travels to Earth to collect his contracted bride. He questions his decision to marry to enhance his status when a totally unacceptable woman invades his life and stirs his body.

Travel to the 30th Century in this sexy, gritty science fiction romance.

When Earth runs out of natural resources, mankind heads to the stars. In the outer worlds and Frontier, there are no laws and women are a commodity.
This book received a 5-star review from the redheadedbooklover:
An Uncontrollable Passion is a thrilling, all-consuming assault of brilliance that thrilled and captivated me for hours. An Uncontrollable Passion is an incredible book that entertained me from beginning to end and is one of the best science fiction novels I have read in a long time, and now that I have finished this excellent book, my passion for science fiction has only intensified. It is a read that is guaranteed to keep you engrossed, enthralled and excited until the last page and is unputdownable thanks to the gripping literature, riveting plot and astonishing characters so if you want to read this book then put time aside because it is incredibly addictive!
An Uncontrollable Passion is an incredible and unique science fiction tale that will take you to the 30th century, and it is in this period that 'mankind heads to the stars' and women, as there are no laws, are treated as a 'commodity.' The reader in An Uncontrollable Passion will be introduced to the protagonist of the novel, Clay Wilson. The reader will follow Clay as he travels to Earth to 'collect his contracted bride' however he is having doubts about marrying his genetically engineered bride to be because after all, he is only marrying her to further his career and enhance his status. It is when he meets a woman however that he will be truly tested as this woman will change the way he thinks and possess him completely... what do I mean by this? Well, you will have to read the incredible An Uncontrollable Passion to find out!
The story of An Uncontrollable Passion is an incredibly dynamic, unique piece of work that took my breath away on more than one occasion, the pacing of this story was wonderfully written and plotted so that I did not get bored at any given time. I always measure my likeness of a book on whether I find myself looking at the page number; if I do in fact do this I know that the novel is taking its toll... in other words, it is dragging, and I want it to end, but An Uncontrollable Passion was different than this and not like this at all. Never once did I find myself referring to the page number and that is a sure sign that this book is a compelling piece of work that draws the reader in and captivates them to read it quickly and to reach the end of the book very fast.
Evelyn Lederman is a literary talent as her words shone off the page and felt as if they were sparked with electricity. I loved her writing as it was unique, just like her story and compelled me to read until there was nothing left to. I love reading books from newly found authors of mine; I am always a little apprehensive at times but not with this brilliant author because her writing was electric and kept me entertained and thrilled from beginning to end!

The Soul Mate: A Worlds Apart Series Prequel Novella

by Evelyn Lederman on 2018-08-15

His first touch electrified her!

Leenea Rickard never made a decision without fear her mind-control telepathic father would apply his influence. Even the man she ultimately married would not be her choice. Her fate had not mattered until her eyes connected with a stranger at an anti-government rally.

Zane Childers realized what Leenea was to him the moment he touched her. They must hide the true nature of their relationship or become targets of a corrupt government. Their future is jeopardized when a boy’s life is threatened and they decide to save the child.

Enjoy this prequel to the Worlds Apart series where Zane and Leenea must discover what being soul mates involves.

A Touch of Prudence: The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico (Magic's Destiny Book 2)

by Evelyn Lederman on 2018-07-24

Prudence ‘Prue’ Hardt never knew who her father was, only that he was from Magic, New Mexico, a town she hasn't seen in twenty years. Fearful of the power that she might have inherited from any number of mystical beings that live there, Pru knows she has no choice but to track down her paternal DNA before it is too late. What she doesn't expect when she returns home is to be drawn to a mysterious man, or to discover that her life is in danger.

Star Ranger Dreyden has been on one too many missions when he is ordered to a primitive planet to spy on a small town with unusual residents. His attitude toward his unwanted assignment changes when he spots a beautiful woman - and sees the patterns on her skin. Patterns that can only mean one thing - she is his chosen one. Resentment turns to cold determination when she is threatened, no easy task when she isn't exactly appreciative of his efforts.

Prue and Dreyden must work together as Prue searches for her father and struggles with her new powers. Dreyden knows that it will take a touch of prudence to convince Prue to trust him. Will he be able to protect her from the dangers that threaten their future while she learns to control the power she wields?

Find out in A Touch of Prudence. 

A Touch of Harmony: The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico (Magic's Destiny Book 3)

by Evelyn Lederman on 2018-07-24

All they need is a touch of harmony…

Harmony Neutron’s new assignment brings her to Magic, New Mexico, where a devastating threat looms over the town. Her mission goes from bad to worse when she is forced to confront her greatest fear – of animals! She is sure that some cosmic force is laughing at her when she discovers that her Chosen One is none other than Chase Bishop – a werewolf.

Chase has been the unfortunate subject of his two best friends’ unsuccessful attempts at matchmaking. Determined to stop their meddling in his life, he is shocked when a woman from the stars appears – and changes everything. Unfortunately, recognizing the woman is his mate does nothing to calm her fears of his werewolf.

Frustrated and helpless, Chase does the unthinkable and asks for assistance from a powerful witch to help ease Harmony’s fear of his animal side. He doesn’t have much time to convince her they belong together. A rogue governmental agency is after Harmony and determined to catch her at any cost. Will the spell give Harmony the time she needs to accept that their love is real, she can trust him, and he would never hurt her – before it is too late?