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His Human Captive (A Sizzling SciFi Alien Romance Story) (Space Masters Book Book 2)

by Evey Embers on 2019-04-17

Tabby hates that she has lost control of her life. Living in a world where the brutish alien overlords decide her every move, she lashes out and rebels at every opportunity. But, it is precisely this insubordinate attitude which gets her into a mess of trouble. After committing her final offense, she is punished to 10 years of servitude at the hands of her new master…

SHON is as intimidating and harsh as he is handsome – yet, something about the alien master captures Tabby’s imagination and sets her loins on fire! Still, she is not one to be ordered around and so her stubborn behavior persists.

That is when Shon exposes her to a whole new world of pain and pleasure… rough things she has never experienced before. Their relationship only grows hotter and hotter until an outside force threatens to destroy any happiness they may have created. Shon must decide if he loves this human girl far more than he even loves himself…

This is one sizzling hot story **BEWARE!!**

His Human Bride (A Sizzling SciFi Alien Romance Story): Space Masters Book 1

by Evey Embers on 2019-04-08

Cora feels that her life on the strange planet of Velonus has reached a dead-end. So, she takes out a mail-order bride ad hoping to find a human husband… but things take an unexpected, sizzling turn when one of the Velonian ambassadors discovers her ad.
Aspen is a strict, big and terribly irresistible alien man. And with his eyes set on winning over the attractive Cora, he sets out to claim her as his own. They have unique ways of pleasuring women on Velonus, and he will use whatever is required to secure her as his bride. However, Cora’s situation once again takes a strange turn when this new relationship becomes part of a plan to create a peace treaty between the planets. As her life heats up in more ways than she’d ever imagined possible, it becomes clear to Cora that she’s made a grave mistake… but can she change her fate without breaking several hearts, and without returning the two planets to all-out war?

This is one sizzling hot story **BEWARE!!**

His to Claim (A SciFi Romance Novel)

by Evey Embers on 2019-03-31

Lilith MacBeth never saw much hope for her future. With her family, and the entire population of Earth for that matter, held under the control of Alien invaders from the distant planet Ceres… why would she ever expect much from life?

But all that was soon to change, when Lilith discovers that her sister, Eve, has enrolled herself in an online mail order bride service for Cerean bachelors… Lilith confronts Eve about this haphazard plan, only to be told that Eve has contracted a contagious virus and would never pass the critical inspection points. So, rather than have the scheme fall to pieces and put her family in even more dismal living conditions than they already are, Lilith decides to take the place of Eve!

Soon, she is being shipped off to marry a Martian from Ceres – one she has never met, and knows little about. She’s heard the rumors about these virile alien men, and their strict, passionate ways… When she finally meets her mate, Lilith finds him a foreboding figure with a strictness never before experienced or seen. But, Lilith is willing to take the risk and see if she can handle all he’s got to offer her inexperienced body…

This is one sizzling hot story **BEWARE!!**

The Alien General’s Sassy Captive (A SciFi Romance Novel)

by Evey Embers on 2019-03-17

Sirah might be the hot-tempered, unruly girl trying to band together her human army and stop the invaders… but that won’t matter much when the strict alien general, Ronan, gets his hands on her.

He’s not supposed to lust for, let alone love any of the Earth women – but the way Sirah looks into his eyes has a way of forcing him to tear down his walls. And for her part, Sirah definitely knows that these aliens are bad news. Yet, she feels herself being pulled in by this virile Alien General’s seductive, unstoppable force.

Will he risk it all to tame his headstrong captive? And can she even handle all that he’s got to offer?

This is one sizzling hot story **BEWARE!!**