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P.R.I.S.M.: Prisoner Relocation Internment Security Management

by Fae Rowen on 2017-10-26

After losing a global war to Earth’s megacorporations, the heads of the governments and their military leaders were exiled to Prism, a barren planet. Earth’s worst criminals were included on the cryo-ship. For the past twenty-five years the prisoners, dependent on the largess of the corporations, have survived on scant supply shipments. But the ships keep arriving, only to transport a valuable energy source, translithium crystals, back to Earth.

Seventeen-year-old O’Neill likes her life on Prism just as it is, earning her credits as a pilot. Everyone, including O’Neill, believes she’ll eventually marry Cal Reagan, her best friend. She’s not ready to give up her independence now, but change is coming. More change than she can handle alone, after her father goes missing.

Jericho Montgomery, heir to the wealthiest conglomerate owner on Earth, arrives on the prison world to negotiate a shipping contract. If he doesn’t secure the deal, his father will relegate him to the fashion and entertainment divisions. He is determined to deliver a winning proposal to secure his future, his father’s respect, and his mother’s legacy.

O’Neill is assigned to be Jericho’s pilot and guarantee his safety. She dislikes Earthers and their peculiar beliefs about what is important. What she learns from Jericho challenges everything she believes about Earth, Prism’s past, and her future.

While Jericho helps O’Neill train for the Battle, a military-style athletic competition, he discovers hidden facts and inconsistencies in conflict with what he’d grown up believing about the convict society, along with a secret that could destroy his future on Earth.

Can O’Neill and Jericho work together to unravel lies on both planets and still obtain the respect Jericho craves and the independence O’Neill needs?

This is Book One of a two-book story.