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Arriving Soon


Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf

by Fiona Roarke on 2017-08-20

Against her mother’s final dying wish, Cheri Amaranth travels across the galaxy to the planet Selenia to meet her ailing Grampa for the first time.
Caine Wolver eagerly awaits her arrival to explain his intentions for their intertwined future.
However, Hunter spoils their first meeting and guides Cheri through the woods to Grampa’s house, taking her on a different path than Caine planned.
Long bitter rivals, one man wants her heart, but the other only wants her goodies bag.
Will Cheri make it to her Grampa’s house in time to give him the goodies she’s brought from so far away? And which man can Cheri ultimately trust, the man she met first or the one who drives her crazy with passion?

**Author’s Note: This book was previously published as Little Red Rides the Wolf.