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Heart of a Star Raider

by Fiona Neal on 2018-03-25

The year is 2500 A.D. and a giant asteroid, the size of Rhode Island, is hurtling toward the earth at 40,000 miles per hour. The planet is in danger of total annihilation, so scientists/warriors, Colonel Dirk Orion and Major Aurora Cosmos must work together to save the world. They have both developed forms of technology that can stop the asteroid. But there is a huge problem for both of them. Dirk and Aurora were former lovers, but their relationship ceased when Dirk thought Aurora betrayed and double-crossed him...and he was right. But Aurora was forced to do it. Her diabolical boss at the time, Scorpius, blackmailed her into testifying before a joint session of Congress and her testimony caused the legislators to deny funds for his project, which is now badly needed.. Scorpius threatened that if she didn't betray Dirk, he would kill her sister, Stella. Since then, Aurora has regretted what she did to Dirk. She also still loves him. But working with him is not easy. Dirk doesn't trust Aurora. Still, the fate of the world is in their hands, so they decide to pool their resources. As they work together an attraction between them is still there and flares. But Aurora's old boss, Scorpius wants to get his hands on Dirks plans for his technology, so he can rule the world. Scorpius doesn't care if the earth is destroyed. He has decided to steal Dirk's technology and fly to the other side of the galaxy. But Aurora has other plans.