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Sexy Shifters and Alpha Aliens: A Scifi and Paranormal Romance Limited Edition Boxset

by Flora Dare on 2017-11-19

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Enjoy this PNR and Scifi Romance box set, includes:

Badgering the Bear:
Meet her mate in minutes? Ha! Oh, wait...look at that hottie over there...

Curvy badger shifter Jolie is nagged by her best friend to check out shifter speed dating (okay, she might have lost a bet). It's pretty boring, though, until she sees...him. Gabe is big. He's burly. And just the touch of his hand on hers sets Jolie's body aflame with need.

Bears Repeating:
When her flight is cancelled and the only option is to accept a seat in coach, Jena's luck goes from bad to worse, and then back around to good again - she might have gotten a middle seat, but it's in between two BIG hunks of manliness.

Being snuggled between two big bears is pretty much the best outcome the trip could have. The worst? The plane going down in the wilderness. Guess which one Jena's gonna have to deal with?

Forget the claws, forget the fur, can Jena survive THEM?

Alpha Alien:
He's big, he's scaly and he thinks we're life mates!
I've always felt a little Out of step with everyone else. All I wanted was to find my place in life.

Now I'm billions of miles from home with a scary space-lizard who doesn't take no for an answer. What's worse is, I don't want to say no.

Taken by Space Pirates
He rescued me. Now he owns me.
The lifemate bond. An unbreakable, sometimes unwanted, always dangerous link between two people.

When a vengeful pirate pulled me from my escape pod, I felt the bond flare to life. With a single touch, he enslaved me, and with a single glance, he stole my matter how I fought.

Special Bonus: His Golden Cuffs Trilogy & His Golden Cuffs: Christmas