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Thief Memory

by Florene Hill on 2018-08-06

After World War III, the axis of evil was completely defeated, the planet finally finds itself in peace and people live a moment of joy never seen in all history of humanity. However, a strange disease reached seven percent of the population. Inexplicably, these people have lost their memories, and even after ten years have passed, no cure has been discovered and there has been no case of someone who has recovered even a single memory.

In this scenario, André and Mikaela, two individuals who are among the seven percent and have faced major problems in their readaptation, find themselves in a therapist's office. A mad, inexplicable passion snatches them, and they will have to face what appears to be a conspiracy of the universe so they will not be together. Between flashes of memories and crazy adventures, both will find out more about who they are and will do everything to live a great love.

"Thief Memory" is a full length 139000 words, It is Science romance Fiction
Story about deadly disease Finding memories Happy ending