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Arriving Soon


Echo Location (Shift Happens Book 3)

by Frances Pauli on 2017-11-18

Stevie Roth gave up her chance at inter-dimensional adventure and settled for the ordinary world. She almost convinced herself she'd made the right decision, too. Until Weldon Marks, out-of-this-world goofball and totally delicious dork, shows up and reminds her exactly what she left behind.

Suddenly she's back up to her neck in the insanity, and remembering exactly why she left. Weldon is acting cagey, his clone won't leave her alone, and the invisible man is leading an investigation that seems hellbent on spoiling any chance she has at keeping the one idiot in the universe she wants in her life for good.

Her world has turned completely upside down, her favorite snake is missing, and Stevie's pretty sure the beat up box Weldon stashed in her living room hides something illegal in any dimension. If it does, she's going to strangle him... If he doesn't get himself killed fist, that is.

Aspect Ratio (Shift Happens Book 2)

by Frances Pauli on 2017-11-18

Chloe Watson is just starting to get used to her inter-dimensional career, her covert relationship with the boss, and her life as a cross dimensional traveler when a last minute promotion, a galaxy wide tournament, and an unexpected stowaway manage to throw a wrench in her status quo.

Unless she can sort out a string of parallel abductions, deal with an infestation of Lemurian bedbugs, and get her local pet store associate back home before the woman blows the whistle, everything Chloe has going for her will be history.

In the meantime, her relationship is on the rocks. Her job is on the line. And her boyfriend/boss is keeping secrets that could cost them both a lot more than just their salaries.

The Dimensional Shift (Shift Happens Book 1)

by Frances Pauli on 2017-11-06

Chloe Watson is an ordinary girl looking forward to a nice, peaceful winter, until she finds a bizarre artifact in a hotel room and meets its owner, Andrew Paige. He might look like an ordinary suit, but he's got a string of secrets hiding behind his knee-weakening smile. When he offers her a job at The Dimensional Shift, Chloe is tossed straight into the world of inter-dimensional tourists and their odd accommodations.

Between dealing with the Shift's unusual guests, and trying to determine if the boss' interest in her is strictly professional, Chloe uncovers a plot to steal the hotel's dimensional keys. With the help of the town gossip, her alien abductee neighbor, and her new invisible best friend, Chloe confronts and inter-dimensional crime ring and a host of complications that make romancing the boss
look like the least
of her problems.