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Arriving Soon


Vampires Never Die

by Frank Arcilesi on 2019-01-06

A beautiful young woman comes into a man's life unexpectedly and he falls in love with her. After several months together he shockingly discovers that she's not mortal but one of an elite breed of vampires that walks by day just like a normal human.

After escaping him, he struggles with his emotions but ultimately decides he must pursue her and end her existence before she takes more lives. But it won't be easy.


I shivered ever so slightly even in the light of the late afternoon sun as I reached the old rusty broken red side door. Icicles that were hanging down over the old metal warehouse door cracked loudly and fell at my feet when I yanked on the handle and pulled it open. Inside the old empty warehouse, the rays of the setting sun, fighting to make their way through haze covered long rectangular windows near the roof, revealed a huge empty structure, awaiting either destruction or reincarnation into another life.

A large empty structure devoid of the people and activity that once made it useful can generate an uncanny presence. Scaffolding erected for day workers to make roof repairs was the only sign of recent activity. Scattered dimly lit incandescent bulbs along the walls provided an eerie light, casting ominous long shadows from the columns and beams that formed the skeleton of the structure. Once a busy sturdy structure, its only immediate function now was as a final meeting place for one hunter and one hunted. I wondered which one I would be. A rusty steel mezzanine on one side of the building was lined with small offices. All were dark save for one at the end, which had a pale yellow light shining through its window. It was my reluctant destination.

This decrepit structure seemed like a highly inappropriate place in which a thing of beauty would have to die, but she had chosen the place, not I, and I would do what I had to do to finally bring it to an end. Beauty is not a substitute for humanity and no being can truly live and love without its humanity. My soul would somehow summon up the courage to put out the life force of a beautiful creature that had no apparent soul. I would live with the deed forever but I could....