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365 Days of Binding The Returning (Deity Chronicles Book 2)

by Frank Mitchell on 2018-07-28

The exciting continuation of 365 Days of Binding continues...
Jasmine, oldest daughter of the ninth royal house of settling sun and her Mother-in law; Shay, head of the first royal house of Dragon Scales and the captain Craig find themselves in the center of a man eating jungle and moments away from reaching Jasmine's adopted daughter and Bae. They must fight their way out of the criminal underworld dimension and find a way to get Carmen and the two teenagers back.

Carmen finds himself in a different world and an entirely different time era. One where he is devoid of his natural ability to commune and manipulate the elements and energies. While two mage factions war over the peaceful city for rule and conquest. Carmen must choose a side and learn to survive and find a way to return to his kingdom and family.