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An Android Bride (Charlie’s Circle Book 7)

by Franklin Eddy on 2018-03-28

Joe was looking through the electrons department at Walmart when he ran onto something new. The box said it was an android bride. Since he was recently divorced he decided to buy one. His life changed tremendously from that moment on.

He named her Penny since she cost him a pretty penny. She was just like a regular wife in many ways. She cooked and cleaned house for him and took care of him. She even gave him physical love and affection. Most people were not even aware that she was an android woman since Joe had bought the advanced model.

Penny got him a job interview with Global Regenerations, Inc. who had created her. She got to meet Charlene Wilson, who was her creator and liked her. Joe went to work for Charlene as her personal assistant and ran her office and labs for her.

Then things blew up since Charlene fell in love with Joe and wanted to marry him. This caused problems since she was married to Charlie Wilson who was the CEO of Global Regenerations, Inc. Charlie had too many wives so he was glad to get rid of her.

Some of Charlie’s other wives got restless so problems escalated. The novel has many twists and turns.

Regeneration Drug (Evolution of a Woman Book 10)

by Franklin Eddy on 2017-12-31

Charley was the president of a large corporation that developed robotics which included androids. He decided he would like to expand his corporation into other fields. Charley’s wife doctors developed a regeneration drug that made people young again. At first the drug was imperfect so the people started aging again. He worked with his wives and was able to perfect the drug so it worked perfectly and the people stayed young. The problem was the body was young again, but the mind was old so some people had a hard time adjusting. He went ahead with the drug though since it made a lot of money. This brought about problems that his corporation had to solve. Android Wives is the 10th novel in the series Evolution of a Woman. It has minor romance scenes to enrich the novel.

A New Beginning (Evolution of a Woman Book 9)

by Franklin Eddy on 2017-11-28

Charley went to Alaska with his two android wives so he could fish and travel around. When he returned, he found a lot of things had changed. His main wife Amanda had managed to get rid of all his human wives since she felt he had too many. He suspected Amanda was an android woman since she was too perfect so he wasn’t sure he had any human wives.
Amanda died or malfunctioned so Charley was alone, except for his two android wives. He was the CEO of Robotics Labs and lived in The Village which had smart houses that did everything for a person. Charley liked being married so he decided to contract some of his previous wives or even marry new ones.
Android Wives is the 9th novel in the series Evolution of a Woman. It has minor romance scenes to enrich the novel.