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Off-World Wives (Evolution of a Woman Book 11)

by Franklin Eddy on 2018-04-16

Charley was the president of a large corporation that developed robotics which included androids. He decided he would like to expand his corporation into other fields. Charley’s wife doctors developed a regeneration drug that made people young again. He was thrilled to be young again, but he lost his memory due to a side effect. The Corporation bought him out so he left and went to Arizona. His memories slowly came back and he went back and took over the Corporation since it was going under without his guidance. A group wanted to buy his corporation, but he decided to rent some of his lab space to them. He found out they were actually women from another social system. They took him up to the starship which delighted him. He bought the starship and another one and decided to start a space tour business. He married some of the women from the other social system and expanded his business and encountered dangers and adventures along the way.
Off-World Wives is the 11th novel in the series Evolution of a Woman. It has romance scenes to enrich the novel.