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Arriving Soon


Dark Soul (From the Stars Book 2)

by G. Bailey on 2018-10-30

If your soul is born into darkness, can light save you?

While trying to get used to the new world Ura has found herself thrown into, protecting those she cares about seems impossible. With the threat of losing her mother, Ura has no choice but to do as she is told, and hope that Maxx will help her.

The clans are at war, and it is said only the True Light can stop it before it destroys another planet...and nothing will be left.
The prophecy is awakening...and only one soul can stop it.


True Light (From the Stars Book 1)

by G. Bailey on 2018-07-19

With sharing the true light, there is always a cost.
Moving is crap.
My new neighbor is an arrogant jerk.
Oh, he's also an alien who claims we share a soul, and he wants me as far away from him as possible...
Ura didn’t want to move, but her father didn’t give her a choice when he wanted an escape after the car accident that nearly killed them both. Trying to survive in a literal ghost town is never fun, but add in the neighbor from hell, well it’s becoming a nightmare.
When two strangers move into Maxx’s house, Ura finds out there is more than just the true light to be frightened of.
When light appears, so does darkness…

17+ Full-length book.