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Arriving Soon


The Most Important Test of All: Spaceship to Ecstasy series, Book 7, a novelette

by G.C. Neff on 2018-02-19

In the concluding novelette of the Spaceship to Ecstasy series, Willow is met with a test which she finds has been fixed so that she aces it without a problem. However, it's what occurs once the test is behind her that causes her to realize just how fortunate she has been to have been brought to the spaceship in the first place.

Another Punishing Wait: Spaceship to Ecstasy series, Book 6, a novelette

by G.C. Neff on 2018-02-16

Willow is given yet a second preview of the upcoming test, and discovers that although she likes being on the giving end of a thorough spanking, what she wants is to feel the heat, herself, or at least along with the person she's dominating. This turns out to be her trainer, who has her replace him, but with some surprising twists and turns.

Training the Trainer: Spaceship to Ecstasy Series, Book 5, a novelette

by G.C. Neff on 2018-02-12

When Willow realizes that her trainer has deliberately caused her to become angry with him, a punishable offense, she devises a simple yet effective plan to give him what he deserves, and what they will both enjoy.

Lessons in Waiting: Spaceship to Ecstasy series, Book 3, a novelette

by G.C. Neff on 2018-02-05

As far as Willow is concerned, waiting is the ultimate thing to master in her training. And when she decides that her trainer wants her to be disobedient so that he can punish her to both her, and his, delight, she discovers that he's serious about teaching her that she must learn the current lesson before she can move forward. While she is punished for not obeying his instructions, she is also quite pleased by him before he tells her that she must do the lesson over, and for twice the time she would have had to wait before. Chagrined, she tried to fulfill the assigned task to his liking.