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Laurence Jared & The Children Of Space62: Vol: 3 What It means To Be Human

by G.H. Johnson on 2017-12-24

How many wished to hold his fortune and walk in his shoes. If wealth soothed the challenges of life and title and heritage held a crowning glory, then Laurence lived ever man’s dream. Yet in the entanglement of prestige, honor, and the test of his devotion, his life unraveled.
Follow Laurence, Mariah and their friends Damar, Darius and family through chapters of their lives. In detailed visualization, live in their world as struggles cross boundaries of physical and emotional. If Immortality is the gauge of achievement, then sharing their adventures will engross, share a laugh, and a tear as Laurence fights for the sense of right inside his heart. Of course, we find in our Laurence the right and wrong and what it means to be human.