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Arriving Soon



by Gardner Francis Fox on 2018-06-28

Fleet Commander Alden Slater came to Gothon to recuperate and found himself on the side of a minority · in a full-scale civil rights battle. All he did was come to the defense of a pretty girl named Aldatha Te—who happened to be a colly. And collys, the original human settlers of Gothon and worshipers of a god called Dromm, had always been treated as slaves by the Terran representatives. Slater learned, soon enough, that he was making powerful enemies in the monolithic Interplanetary Development Corp. who "ruled” Gothon, and wanted lands that the collys held sacred to Dromm. But he couldn't understand why so much fuss was being made—until he discovered that more than racial prejudice was involved, and Dromm was more than a myth.

The Arsenal of Miracles

by Gardner Francis Fox on 2018-04-14


When Earth's stellar empire was attacked by the Lyanir, a powerful race from the uncharted stars, it was Bran Magannon, High Admiral of Space, who met their battle-challenge. He saved the Empire, but he also fell in love with the beautiful young Lyanirn queen Peganna, and to the people of Empire his name became that of traitor. Now he was a lone, brooding outcast among Empire's outpost worlds, called Bran the Wanderer.

Then Peganna of the Silver Hair returned and told him of a fabled cache of deadly weapons left eons ago by the long-dead race of the Crenn Lir. She wanted those weapons for her people, to use against Empire if need be.

Bran the Wanderer laughed, and showed her how to find them.