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Arriving Soon


Heaven Expects

by Gareth Stokes on 2017-11-07

Fifteen years after being rescued from a harsh life on Earth, Amy Romanov has served her time as an Air fleet combat pilot and is now a well-respected and gifted courier in the Ulterior Dimension galaxy. Her life is routine - but, most days, that's what she loves about it. (As long as she gets to eat plenty and often.)

Over breakfast, she meets an unusual consignment: a handsome and mysteriously secretive man who claims he has to be delivered to the Black Moon at the farthest extreme of the galaxy.

Amy is not happy. Her eggs are going cold. And just as important... she does not deliver people, she delivers messages: high security and top secret messages which only she is qualified to carry.

However, this assignment has been booked by her Central Despatch office - and although she can always refuse a job if she chooses, there is just something strange and puzzling about Aiden Armstrong that pulls at her curiosity. Primarily, the fact that he gives nothing away and won't even tell her why he has to get to his destination.

The question is, can Amy tolerate this man's moodiness, secrecy, and generally perplexing behaviour?

This a sci-fi romance with a kink of humour, written in her journal by a woman that has pretty much boldly gone everywhere and seen everything.

But as twists and secrets unveil, Amy realises she may not have seen it all, and that there are hidden powers within Aiden Armstrong who, on the face of it, just seems like a quirky and weird man down on his luck.

Assisted by her no-nonsense mechanoid, Kipper - along with her moody, sexually deviant, and quite possibly insane ship computer, Pegasus - Amy sets out on the delivery of a lifetime, where nothing is quite as it seems.