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Arriving Soon


Stolen by the Gunslinger

by Gen Summercolt on 2017-10-27

At eighteen years old, Sasha has spent his whole life in school, only reading about the adventures of royals, explorers, and outlaws. When his skill as a linguistic student gets him accepted to a special research expedition, he is thrilled. This is his chance to finally see some of the real world. But just halfway through the journey, the train is robbed. Important cargo is stolen, and so is Sasha. He finds himself thrown in with a rough, dangerous group of gunslingers. Their leader—dark, deadly, wicked Leland Emerson—decides to keep Sasha alive. But for how long? And what mysterious cargo could be worth the risk these men went through to steal it? Warning: Contains adult language, violence, and other mature themes—including alien gender fluidity.