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Arriving Soon


Mayflower II

by George Ruch on 2017-09-29

The year is 2055. Harry Hampton, now in his 80th year, recalls detailed memories of his past. His home, his unique education, his friends, his job with the NASA space program. He remembers an ill-fated marriage, his attempted suicide that precipitated a split-second timing error resulting in travel to a heavenly waystation.
Harry returned to reality with a new outlook on life and a belief that his visit was real and designed to vault him to the discovery and manufacturing of a magnetic engine. His invention makes him a wealthy man. He goes on to remember when he found and married an old lover and their later adoption of a son.
Memories of the past behind him Harry returns to the present, 2055. Overpopulation coupled with a variety of other problems has put earth in need of drastic options, one being an escape from earth to a new planet home in space. The possibility is propelled forward by the discovery of space warps that cut the distance for space travel and incorporates Harry's magnetic power to propel a spaceship for the journey.
Harry's adopted son is elected to pilot the spaceship "Mayflower II." on a mission to a new planet that appears to be much like earth.
The voyage of the Mayflower II introduces new characters, the "Pilgrims," the "Astronauts" and the "Whistlers." After an incredible passage, the ship reaches the new world. Exploration and study prove the planet capable of supporting humans.
Settlers are left to prepare for additional visitors; the Mayflower II is set to return to earth. The return results in the experience of traveling through time.
Finally, after a time travel adventure, the passengers and crew are left stranded on the new planet, forced to struggle with life much like the original Mayflower did in 1640.