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Mutation Genesis (The Fempiror Chronicles Book 2)

by George Willson on 2018-01-02

Ten years after David Taylor found himself in the midst of the growing power of the Fempiror race, he finds himself face to face with Beth Carpenter, who had joined the elusive Elewo after David had unintentionally changed her. On a mission together, David and Beth are allowed to heal the wounds between them while they seek information on a new and developing threat which supposedly mutates the original Fempiror serum into something more closely resembling the mythological vampire.

Through their investigation, David and Beth find what they once had in each other before discovering the truth behind the mutation and facing tragedy in the wake of an unexpected revelation. Stronger and more dangerous than any Fempiror before, enemies are forced into an uneasy truce in an attempt to prevent the mutations from destroying them all.

Mutation Genesis is the second book in The Fempiror Chronicles saga.

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