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The Starcrossed Dating Agency Box Set: Shifter romance that's out of this world

by Georgette St. Clair on 2018-06-04

A trilogy of out-of-this-world Alpha males and the women who tame them.

The Vulfan's True Mate

Talia Fisher likes to complain to her friends that her growly, sexy boss Lukan was a real beast – turns out, she had no idea how right she was. She finds out the truth one night when she storms into his office to confront him…and finds herself transported another planet. A planet full of sexy aliens who actually appreciate Talia’s curves, and are practically climbing over each other to claim her – but Lukan’s got other ideas.

Now that Talia’s here, he’s going to stake his claim on the full-figured beauty who’s been haunting his dreams. Unfortunately, that means that Talia must leave her friends and family behind forever – and there’s no way on God’s green earth, or any other planet, that Talia’s agreeing to that. And Talia’s new RBF (robot best friend) has glitches that may accidentally start a war between rival packs. Add in a brewing cyborg invasion and a jealous rival who will stop at nothing to win Lukan over, and Talia is facing a challenge that is out of this world.

The Dragon Claims His Treasure 

Everyone is always pushing “too nice for her own good” Rosamund around, but that’s it, no more, she’s had it. Unfortunately, when she finally decides to find her mojo, it’s sexy, terrifying Kodran Sky-Reign that she mouths off to.

The leader of the clan of alien dragon shifters promptly takes her sass as a marriage proposal. Next thing she knows, Rosamund is being whisked away to Kodran’s home planet, with a fleet of wolf shifters in hot pursuit – and a teenaged robot stowaway hiding a secret. Kodran claims Rosamund is his “heart’s fire”, and he’ll never let her go – but Rosamund’s closest friends want her home yesterday, and they won’t tell her why.

Plus, you’re supposed to end up happily ever after with the good guy. Yet the deeper Kodran and Rosamund get immersed in the cyborg war, the more her hot-in-bed, hot out-of-bed, hot every-damn-where dragon lover seems to be one of the scary bad guys…

The Vulfan's Dark Desires 

Alien wolf shifter Treffon Thorolf has given up on finding his True Mate – after all, he’s only been searching for a century. Before the Darkness can consume him, he’ll go out his own way – in glorious battle against the cyborgs. That is the plan right up to the moment when curvy, clumsy Violet Dufresne literally stumbles into his life and spills a drink down his pants. 

The awkward little Earth woman stirs strange feelings in him – but unfortunately, she’s got a price on her head, and no idea why. So what if she’s not his True Mate? He’ll fight off the entire Galactic Federation to protect Violet from the dark forces that pursue her. He’d give his life for her – too bad he can’t offer his heart. 

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