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The Memory of the Edge: A BWWM Romance Book Collection

by Geraldine Cooley on 2018-03-01

Get THREE steamy BWWM romance short stories PLUS bonus steamy romance stories inside!

Her Penalty Shot -BWWM Ice Hockey and Vampire Romance

What do you do when you’re in your 30s and forced to live at home? Go to your younger brother’s hockey games. This is Carina’s life and she hates it. Her brother is in the middle of everything, ruling her parents’ lives, while she’s simply trying to get back on her feet. Waking up early just to sit all day in a cold, dark rink is not her idea of a good time.

Just when Carina thinks she can’t take it anymore, she meets someone new. A tall, dark, mysterious player from a rival team. There’s something about him. She can’t get him out of her mind. He brings some excitement into her cold, boring world.

Just when Carina thinks she’s found the right person to light her fire, her brother is in the middle again. Only this time they aren’t in a hockey rink. This is Carina’s life. And her family is keeping a secret that just might put this fire completely out.

Pursue Her One –BWWM Billionaire Menage MFM Romance

Alicia had everything under control until she lost her job. She was broke and on the brink of being homeless until she accepted a job offer she would normal decline. She was to be a full-time live in tutor to a spoiled rich kid, but the real problem is not the job, but the employer: Mr. Gabriel Frank, CEO and founder of Sky Enterprises, a multimillion dollar shipping company.

Gabriel Frank was every woman’s dream: handsome, tall, dark and mysterious, with a big plus, he was rich. However, because his company doesn’t have time to look after and meet his daughter’s demands, that’s where Alicia comes in, as the new tutor.

Sparks of passion possess them from the very beginning, but they got much more to ponder before acting on their desires. Not only because of the employer and employee situation, but the social and racial difference. Things only get more complicated when a charming, adventurer, drop dead new lover pops into Alicia’s life.

My Savior, The Dragon – BWWM Dragon Shifter Romance

Roxie Johnson is a young black woman living in Astoria in the big state of New York. Raised on the streets of Brownsville, a tough and crime-ridden urban community in New York, Roxie was secure, confident and could handle any hurdles that came her way.

Roxie earns a living as an exotic dancer, but her goal is to finish up college and get a real career. One day while working as an exotic dancer, Roxie discovers she has a secret admirer, an older, yet charming and handsome white male. Roxie had never experienced an intimate relationship with a white man before, but together they embark on a steamy, hot love affair until one-day Roxie is kidnapped by Russian criminals.

Can Mark save Roxie from the organized crime gang or will Roxie forever be at their beck and call?

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WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

Woman in the Consort: BWWM Romance Book Collection

by Geraldine Cooley on 2018-02-24

Get THREE hot BWWM romance short stories PLUS bonus passionate romance stories inside!

Forbidden Quest–BWWM Military and Pregnancy Romance

Natasha's boyfriend is deployed out of town soon after she conceives and she realizes that the bigger her belly, the more the urge for sex becomes. there aren't many people who live around the military quarters apart from the soldiers and their families, and she finds herself becoming more and more attracted to his best friend, Bruce.

Bruce comes by to check on her every so often and is more and more attracted to her as her pregnancy progresses. One day he decides to seduce her and she gives in to his sexy white muscular body. he reminds her so much of her husband that she surrenders completely to him.

Natasha's best friend, Kimberly on the other hand, also has the hots for Bruce and knowing that her boyfriend, Clive will be coming back from deployment soon, she plots for the perfect position to have Bruce come running into her arms without opposition.

Getting Packed – Threesome MFM Werewolf Shifter BWWM Romance

Keisha Pryce is a young and beautiful African-American woman who is always the life of the party. She lives for adventure and a little bit of danger. Werewolves have gone mainstream, and everyone is itching to see them up close. When her best friend, Felicia, invites her to a werewolf club, she can’t resist. When she arrives, she meets a dark and mysterious man at the bar. When she finds out he is a werewolf, even that doesn’t deter her. Not even his extracurricular activities.

She finds herself between two dangerous werewolves, but lives for the danger anyway. When she starts to get too attached, the casual relationship comes to an end. Can she be claimed?

The Kindergarten Teacher –BWWM Werewolf Romance

Sasha Washington is a teacher plagued with that one time of year where everything seems to go wrong: summer break. All of her students are moving up to first grade, her job is closed for months, and she still has bills to pay. Fiery and independent like any respectable African American woman, she’s the only one of her family to go to college or have a ‘legal’ job. Unfortunately that doesn’t save her from being morally obligated to help out a sibling when needed.

Enter Antoni Santini, a slick backed Italian businessman that just so happens to be the uncle of one of Sasha’s students. He’s got it all: the loving family, the good job, and most importantly a permanent VISA to America. However, he doesn’t have the one thing every wolf shifter wants: his mate. On his first day off the plane, Antoni and Sasha meet, but she can’t feel the bond due to her human status. That doesn’t stop him, though.

When Sasha’s brother robs her blind, she instantly drives to her parents’ house where she knows he’ll be hiding. She just didn’t think her irrational anger would land her right across the street from Antoni.

They say it’s not a good idea to drive while angry.

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WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!