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Arriving Soon


The Corvians: A Corvia Galactica Novel

by Gerry Crandal on 2019-02-19

The journey to Corvus continues as David and Rebecca move forward in their relationship, though neither have recognized it yet. Explosions, murders and accidents which cost lives hamper the progress of the Starship Genesis as it continues on to Corvus. With the ongoing sabotage to the ships systems and equipment, it becomes urgent to find those responsible.

David, having begun the voyage as a Civilian, was thrust into an officer’s commission to manage and control the situation, thus making him a target of the assassins that are out to derail to mission. Rebecca Marshall, his right-hand person, has joined forces with her friends in security to give David help to work out the details.

There is no way to know if it is enough. With the critical course correction having caused considerable ship damage, has the mission ended in spite of everyone’s efforts? There is only one way to find out: Keep moving forward!