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Rebounder: Gender Transformation Science Fiction Romance

by Gia Maria Marquez on 2018-06-04

Tavin is a Rebounder, a genderless alien whose job is to put on a different body every night and comfort people who are "on the rebound."

Tavin is also a hopeless romantic.

Embodied as a tall, dark, and handsome man one evening, Tavin falls for a shy woman named Marva. Though she isn't a target, Tavin and avian sidekick Feifei track down enough intel on her to find out she is intersex. When Tavin steps into her Perfect Partner body, he's intersex too.

There’s one big problem: a Rebounder interfering in the life of a human who isn’t a target is strictly forbidden.

Loving Marva puts his vocation in jeopardy. To Tavin, being a Rebounder is everything. Is he really ready to risk it all in the name of love?