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Arriving Soon


The Time Wanderer

by Gillian Lees on 2018-10-23

Imagine that you had a job to do that involved keeping all of time safe. You had to ensure that no one could move through time to use it to their own advantage you would have to be ruthless and not allow sentiment get in the way. Isabella used to part of the group called the Guardians who protected time; now she wonders through time choosing when and where she would go; what she would do, who she would see; as long as she didn’t break the rules ‘The Guardians’ did not bother her.Isabella knew that she had to keep moving through time; to stay in one era would mean you would become part of that time forever; you would age and eventually become stuck. Isabella could not afford to do this; she had to keep moving; she could not become attached; never fall in love. Isabella did become close to Edward Fairchild and broke his heart when she told him she could not marry him. Yet despite this in 1560 when Edward feared for his life from his step son it was Isabella who he turned to for help. Henry Fairchild the young and handsome step son of Edward could not allow Edward to marry his new young wife and he set out to ruin not only Edward but his wife’s life by making a fool out of Edward and starting an affair with the new wife.Meanwhile when a 15 year old girl realizes her true parentage she runs away; finding herself trapped in 1940’s London during the Blitz. Not only is this a danger to herself but the life and very existence of another 15 year old in the current time, is in jeopardy. Isabella must become involved not only to save the life of her former lover but to stop Henry taking his revenge and interfering with the time lines and causing all of time to implode.