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Arriving Soon


Pounced into the Pride: AN INTERSPECIES ALIEN ROMANCE NOVELLA (The Lost Tribes Book 3)

by Gina Clark on 2019-01-10

Struggling to meet the expectations of her family Shiar is desperate to find a solution to her problems. She's been relegated to the bottom of the Pride hierarchy when she knows she could do much better. Poised on the brink of disaster she finds herself experiencing The Call. An instinctive call that all Paunir cats experience signifying that it's time for them to find their true mate.

With no prospects on the horizon Shiar holds on to the belief that there is someone still out there for her. And even if she has to go outside her Pride to find him she's willing to take the risk even if it means leaving her home forever.

Through a chance encounter with an alien Human male Shiar finds her world turned upside down. Can this Human male be the answer to her prayers? Can it really be that Shiar has not one mate but two? And that one of them is a Human?

This novella is a fast-burn reverse harem and is intended for those aged 18+. There are sexually explicit scenes and adult language that may be considered offensive to some readers. #whychoose

Born To Howl: An Interspeices Alien Romance Novella (The Lost Tribes Book 2)

by Gina Clark on 2019-01-05

Kali is surrounded by 'men' who act like boys and she longs for something different...someone different. But dating is hard when your overbearing father keeps warning off any male who comes near her. And the males she's interested in...well they aren't exactly human. Tall, sexy and built like a truck the Lykos males have always caught her eye. But relations with Lykos and Humans? That's a fantasy that is never going to happen.

To get out from under her father's over protective manipulations she takes a job at a sister colony but to get there she has to cross the wilds of the Lykos forest.

On her journey disaster strikes and she finds herself being pursued by relentless predators. Cornered and fearing that her death was imminent she's suddenly another predator.

Unable to communicate with the shifted Lykos male she is unsure if he's saving her from harm or planning to take her as prey of his own. Will this Lykos be the hero that Kali needs or will his predatory instincts change his role from savior to foe?

Meant To Fly: An Interspecies Alien Romance (The Lost Tribes Book 1)

by Gina Clark on 2019-01-01

To most it seems that Starling has led a charmed life as the daughter of The Captain on planet Aytor. But not all is as it seems for Starling. The one person she has loved, her childhood friend Teyr, has decided to abandon her and their plans for the future with no explanation. Living her life to the fullest Starling attempts to put Teyr from her mind but at the last possible moment before she leaves planet Aytor forever he comes back into her life.

Starling and Teyr had planned to love each other forever...will that shared dream ever become a reality or is Starling destined to be haunted by memories and dreams of what might have been?